About Us

Asia Token Fund (ATF), is the world’s first platform and ecosystem to drive mass-adoption of digital currency for new-to-market users. Users can download ATF mobile app from App-Store and start their Cryptocurrency journey.

AsiaTokenFund.com is the media & news arm of the ATF platform. ATF media covers comprehensive news on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. In this segment, ATF News covers topics such as ICO , STO , Blockchain, Investment, Market Analysis, Project Ratings and Research. Users will get daily news updates through ATF news platform. ATF news is available together in the ATF Mobile App.

ATF Ecosystem comprises of various platform for readers, users, investors and businesses. It is a one-stop complete platform that allows users to seamlessly navigate thru various activities in relations to cryptocurrency. For users, the ATF app will allow them to:

  1. Read Daily News, Market Analysis , Project Ratings & Research materials.
  2. Store their cryptocurrency.
  3. Start their crypto journey buy purchase Fiat-to-crypto in the app.
  4. Start Trading on Exchanges via connected exchange platform.
  5. Transfer their crypto to friends for FREE.
  6. Purchase items , merchandise or tickets by crypto through the app listing.
  7. Purchase items or merchandise in physical store by QR code scan-and-Pay.

In all , ATF is the one-stop-app that users need either if they are just starting out in the crypto space or already a crypto holder.