BINANCE SAFU PRE-HACKATHON is coming to Singapore!

In partnership with BitTemple, Asia’s leading blockchain incubation hub.

SG BINANCE SAFU PRE-HACKATHON event is jointly organized by Binance and BitTemple and hope to bring together the world’s top blockchain development teams to create a safer trading environment for users. The 4 days event will begin from 12th January 2019 to 13th January 2019.


“Is the address you are about to transfer safe?”

Security is still the top priority for Binance. In addition to ensuring that the platform is not attacked by attackers, Binance team are also actively combating fraud and fraudulent activities. To this end, Binance SAFU Hackathon has called on all #BUIDLers in the world to join us to build an open platform to combat fraud, fraudulent activities, hacking and money laundering to protect all users.

Binance hopes this will create a community and culture that will gather information about scammers, hackers or any suspicious activity and make the crypto community a safer place.


  1. Build a platform for users to quickly check that a public address is secure (via API or website), regardless of any scam or fraud.
  2. Encourage contributors to share unsafe (hacked or malicious) addresses and evidence to help the query platform increase its address database.
  3. Create a community and culture to share information about scammers, hackers, money launderers or any suspicious activity.


  • Ranked 10% of the team, will directly advance to the SAFU Hackathon Global Finals held during Binance Blockchain Week Singapore 2019
  • Top 10% of the team will win up to $ 2,500 in tokens (BNB) as a travel allowance (this allowance does not apply to the Singapore team at the venue)
  • Singapore 1 month Hot Desk usage rights (worth 2500 US dollars)
  • Teams will have the opportunity to get an interview with Binance Labs Incubator
  • Special reward:

Participants will receive a free ticket to Binance Blockchain Week (worth USD 599)


Day 1: 12th January 2019, Saturday

09:00 Doors Open & Breakfast

10:00 Pre-Hack Opening

11:00 Teams Formation

11:45 Binance Breakout Session (TBD)

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Hack Begins

18:00 Dinner

22:00 Pitch Workshop

Day 2: 13th January 2019, Sunday

08:30 Breakfast

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Hack Ends

13:30 Pitching Begins

15:00 Break

15:15 Pitching Continues

16:00 Judge Deliberation

16:15 Results Announcement

16:30 Open Networking


  1) What is the goal of Pre-hack?     

Binance SAFU Pre-Hackathon aims to identify and match talented people with ideas and ambitions for blockchain technology and to address future security challenges. Global Pre-Hackathon (San Francisco, Hong Kong, China, Seoul, Singapore, Singapore) can help the team pre-verify and give them a higher chance of success in the SAFU Hackathon Global Finals.

  2) Is there a limit on the number of teams?     

Individuals and teams of 3 to 5 members can participate.

  3) If I have a product, can I enter?     

Yes you can !

  4) Force overnight?     

Not mandatory, but in order to give you plenty of time to prepare your prototype and product demos, we highly recommend it.

  5) Is it available for three meals?     

Yep! The event will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  6) How do I get to BitTemple?     

Address : 5F, Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place, Singapore, 048619


Find out more information about this event via clicking on this link :

Binance Pre-Hackathon Page


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