BKEX night and Dragon plan launching ceremony was open

August 23, 2019, by BKEX and Deepchain Finance, the BKEX night and Dragon plan launching ceremony was open.

The event was held in the Intercontinental Hotel in OCT, Shenzhen, a big ship was going to sail which attracted more than 100 top investors, high-quality project parties and professional media in the blockchain industry.

In the beginning, Jiaming Ji, CEO of BKEX, first reviewed the history of BKEX, and then Mai, the important partner of BKEX, introduced a thunder of BKEX in the future — Dragon plan.

Later, BKEX co-founder of Shenzhen branch Ronghui Qiu, BKEX important partner Mai, the founder of Deren Capital Kui Long, CSPC founder Baowen Han and AT founder Mr. Shuyang Xiao started the dragon project together.

After the launching ceremony, Peng wang, founder of Deepchain Finance and Zeyu Sun, founder of Genesis Capital Shared their stories with BKEX. The following are some highlights.

BKEX CEO Jiaming Ji: In the past, BKEX had kept low, however, we will expand globally in the future.

Ji said:” Look back to the development of BKEX, In 2017, I invested many projects, but they could not list on exchanges, what is more, it was expensive to list at that time. Therefore, I would like to invest some exchanges in Shenzhen, I had visited 7 or 8 exchanges, but none of them made me satisfied. So I decided to operate my own exchange with the support of my friends, After a year, I think I am three years older than my real age.

So far, BKEX ranks 9th on CMC globally. The reason why I set up a branch in Shenzhen, is that the environment in Shenzhen is better than that in Chengdu. There are also more good projects. In the past, BKEX was too low, which may be rooted in my personality, Little attention was paid on sales, I only focus on exchange, but later I find I was wrong.

Today, BKEX set up the first branch in Shenzhen, which can help more and more people know more about blockchain, and we will have more branches such as Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, and other places lately.

Finally, I hope that more high-quality institutions, high-quality projects, multiple media, and capital can cooperate with BKEX to promote the reform of exchanges.”

BKEX partner Mai:“ Dragon plan is a battle of BKEX to top!”

Mai said:” I would like to introduce this thunder of BKEX -Dragon plan to everyone briefly, it can be a symbol of BKEX’s battle to the top. In the future, we will make efforts from the following three aspects:

The first is product change. The three keywords of product change are updating, Sandbox innovation and security. The second is the ecological incubation. From the perspective of the Internet trend, exchanges still need to combat for volume and ecological construction in the future. BKEX will support high-quality projects from three aspects of height, width and depth, help projects attract more users, improve projects quality and realize scene sharing. The third is volume aggregation. In the beginning, BKEX will launch a “global branch recruitment program”. Then there is the “BKEX eye project”, which bundles more partners and shares the dividends of BKEX’s growth period.”

Peng wang: “BKEX is underestimated.”

Wang said:” Hello, everyone. I am peng Wang, the founder of Deep chain Finance and it is a great honor for me to know Mr. Ji and his team very early.

Next, when it comes to partnership between Deepchain Finance and BKEX, BKEX first anniversary annual meeting was hosted by BKEX and Deepchain Finance, what is more, we happen to meet in Shenzhen two months later, so both of us decided to have a party to greet friends in Shenzhen ,That is why everybody is here.

Finally, I would like to make a brief introduction of Deepchain Finance, Deepchain was established in December 2017, almost two years in this industry, mainly focus on reporting the blockchain industry. We have two main businesses, On the one hand, we write professional articles and provide valuable information, on the other hand, we serve excellent companies like BKEX.

In June this year, Deepchain Finance set up a branch in Shenzhen to search for more cooperation with you all in the future.”

Zeyu Sun: Genesis Capital can be the booster of Dragon plan

Hi, everyone, I am Zeyu Sun, the founder of Genesis Capital, As for the friendship with BKEX, I invested several exchanges in the first half of 2018, but few of them make a difference in the end. I did not expect too much when Mr. Ji visited me, I had no confidence in him and his project.

After competition of exchanges, BKEX stood out from thousands of exchanges. No matter its operation or its strategies, it shows how professional it is. I have been paying attention to it, for example, its financial planning is worth to invest. Meanwhile, after reflection, I found that most investment is against human nature. You think you will earn, but you lose. But you will make money if you support friends, and support their projects. So plenty of people know nothing about BKEX, but the original BKEX users have already earned money, I think only most core person in this industry know that it is the second chance to invest BKEX. Genesis Capital will keep a very good partnership with BKEX in the future.

Finally, I am very glad to come here today and meet so many new and old friends. Dragon plan is going to start. Genesis Capital hopes to be the booster of Dragon plan and best wishes.

This event also announced the start of global branch recruitment of BKEX. In the first phase, 5 urban and 30 institutional branches will be recruited to establish BKEX ecology.

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