Blockchain is becoming the driving force for the development of smart finance Huobi University Jianing Yu was invited to participate in the 5th Smart Finance International Forum

On December 10th, the Fifth International Forum on Smart Finance and the 2020 Financial Industry “Leading China” Annual Ceremony was officially held in Beijing, focusing on the digital transformation and development of the financial industry, the application of financial technology in the field of wealth management, the era of public funds, and pension finance Inviting hundreds of financial industry leaders to discuss the development and layout of the new decade. Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association and the president of Huobi University, was invited to attend and participate in the roundtable dialogue on the development of the asset management industry in the post-stock era. 

Coin World-Blockchain is becoming the driving force for the development of smart finance Huobi University Jianing Yu was invited to participate in the 5th International Forum on Smart Finance

2020 is the closing year of the “13th Five-Year Plan” and a new starting point for the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The “14th Five-Year Plan” proposes to promote the in-depth integration of various industries such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, promote “digital industrialization” and “industrial digitalization”, and promote the integration of the digital economy and the real economy. To this end, Yu Jianing stated that blockchain technology is a key tool for the digital transformation of enterprises, and the operation and management of financial institutions will undergo fundamental changes due to the widespread use of technology.

Under the wave of digitalization, financial technology has become the core driving force for the development of the global digital economy. Former Vice Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Cai Esheng said in his keynote speech on “Financial Intelligence and Financial Technology Development Trends” that in the past two years, financial technology has developed by leaps and bounds, and the core of financial technology is artificial intelligence and blockchain. The intelligence of the financial industry must be synchronized with the development of the digital economy of the entire society, and the digital needs of all walks of life, or even higher.

From the perspective of the asset management industry, the demand for digital transformation in all areas of the asset management industry has increased rapidly since the beginning of this year. In the roundtable session, Yu Jianing had a dialogue with industry experts such as Chen Tong, Vice President of E Fund, Liu Xiangdong, Vice President of Everbright Trust, and Ren Sien, Vice President of Ningyin Financial Management. Yu Jianing believes that the issuance of new asset regulations marks a turning point in China’s asset management industry. All kinds of institutions need to develop smart finance with the help of financial technology such as blockchain at this critical moment, optimize the development of traditional businesses, accelerate the digital transformation of “Bank 4.0” in compliance with regulatory requirements, and adopt more effective and innovative business and organizational models Solve new challenges.

The asset management industry has always been a fully competitive industry. Funds, trusts, brokerages, insurance asset management, including many newly established bank wealth management subsidiaries, are doing one thing-helping customers manage their money. Jiang Xiangyang, Chairman of Boshi Fund, expressed his views on the innovation and development direction of the asset management industry under the new pattern. He believes that the innovation and development of the financial industry should start from four aspects: concept and method innovation, business model innovation, financial tool innovation and technological innovation.

Coin World-Blockchain is becoming the driving force for the development of smart finance Huobi University Jianing Yu was invited to participate in the 5th International Forum on Smart Finance

“Blockchain, as a machine of natural trust, can help investors and asset management institutions establish high-trust relationships at a low cost, and more investors can participate widely.” Yu Jianing believes that from a regulatory perspective Based on the blockchain, the “three-stream integration” of physical logistics, information flow, and capital flow can be realized, so that behavioral data can be condensed into “digital credit” on the blockchain, solving problems such as bank risk control and departmental supervision, and truly realize ” “Penetrating supervision” will further improve the security and transparency of asset management business, better maintain the order of the financial market and serve the real economy, and realize inclusive finance in the true sense.

In addition, Li Daokui, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and dean of the Chinese Academy of Economic Thought and Practice of Tsinghua University, also mentioned in a speech entitled “Several Important Factors for a Smooth Start of the “14th Five-Year” Plan” To create three new economic growth points in 2010, one of which is the correct supervision of technology platforms. Li Daokui said that the growth point of this round of scientific and technological revolution is led by the innovation platform. He suggested that the focus should be to ensure the innovation platform and not hinder technological innovation.

It is reported that Huobi University is an industry education institution focusing on the application of blockchain and the development of the digital economy. It has opened blockchain technology, marketing, operation and management talent training. At the beginning of this year, the “Blockchain Talent Education Project” was launched to actively provide the best blockchain education resources to people from all walks of life. On the basis of continuous improvement of courses, Huobi University actively cooperates with local governments, universities, and associations to develop blockchain courses and talent training programs to help more people understand the blockchain, master the blockchain, and make good use of the blockchain. To accelerate the implementation of the industrial blockchain, you can follow the “Huoda Education” public account for course details.

“In the next ten years, blockchain + finance is the general trend. In the next ten years, the financial market will use science and technology to achieve efficiency and governance changes.” Yu Jianing firmly believes that the era of new smart business has come, and it is necessary to promote the integrated and innovative application of smart technology Only by accelerating the promotion of more enterprises’ “on-chain” related applications can we accelerate the development of new digital finance formats and serve the real economy better and more efficiently.

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