Blockchain market is sluggish, how can we survive the cold winter?

Blindly relying on the single market of digital currency will only bring the development of the blockchain industry to the dead end, and will not become a mainstream industry.

The downturn in the digital currency market eventually spread to the blockchain market and created a situation in which the current blockchain market was sluggish. On the other hand, we also see that the blockchain market is heavily dependent on digital currency, lacking the popularity of the digital currency market, and the development of the blockchain industry is just a budding state. Blindly relying on the single market of digital currency will only bring the development of the blockchain industry to the dead end of development and will not become a mainstream industry.

Therefore, the current blockchain market is encountering the non-mainstreaming of digital currency. When the blockchain market encounters a cold winter, people will always look for new ways to break. However, if the development of the eyes is limited to the digital currency, and not to explore more applications related to the blockchain market, the blockchain will not be able to truly construct a complete system, and even have the risk of further marginalization.

Because people are used to the Internet-based development model, they just regard the blockchain as an Internet-like existence. The reason why they will block the blockchain is that they want to find the crack through the blockchain. The methods and methods of pain and ills in traditional industries. However, in the context of the end of capital, if the blockchain does not use digital money to realize the realization, the so-called blockchain industry is only a false word game.

Fortunately, we are always able to find new development possibilities on the customary track. When the established track of digital currency is no longer smooth, we will begin to find new breakthroughs outside the fixed orbit of digital currency. Applying the blockchain to more fields is not just limited to digital currency, so it can find more development possibilities. It is the key to the blockchain to bid farewell to the cold winter and to get out of the new spring. The real blockchain technology is not just a single application of digital currency. Starting with digital currency, constructing a multi-dimensional and ecological blockchain application system is the decision on how far the future blockchain market can go. The key is.

Jumping out of the circle of digital currency, blockchain is not a “one-man show”

As a new species that is independent of the current monetary system, the digital currency is known as a mysterious coat. Independent of the current regulatory system, relying on the system built by the blockchain is the primary impression of digital currency. It is precisely because of the impact that digital money has brought us that we have seen the great potential of its twins, the blockchain.

By adding blockchain technology to find more development possibilities, and constructing a new system independent of Internet technology, it will become the key to re-improving the efficiency of the industry in the future. However, because people only saw the success of the application of blockchain technology in digital currency, and the application of blockchain only stayed on the digital currency, the development of the blockchain industry became the exclusive digital currency. “One-man show”.

The development of the blockchain is completely limited to the digital currency, instead of exploring more applications related to the blockchain, it will only turn the blockchain into a “one-man show” with only digital currency participation. Farewell to the development of the blockchain market, the first thing is to jump out of the circle of digital currency, find more application possibilities of the blockchain, rather than just blindly block the blockchain on the shackles of digital currency.

The foundation of the blockchain determines its ability to connect with more industries. The reason why the blockchain is able to be abandoned by the mainstream market is still being followed. One of the most important reasons lies in its foundation. It is for this reason that we are able to find the possibility of achieving more integration with external industries. Whether it is the blockchain application that we have seen in the fields of food traceability, insurance, law, etc., or the construction of a new credit system based on blockchain technology, it is actually explaining that digital currency is not a district. Blockchain exclusive, blockchain and many more applications.

We have seen that many blockchain practitioners are now expanding their development to more areas beyond digital currency. By constantly opening the door to blockchain applications, the blockchain is in the digital currency. The magicality that has emerged has also begun to appear in more industries. It is foreseeable that with the gradual improvement of blockchain technology in the future, its application will open a new era. Digital currency is only a small part, and a new digital blockchain new system will be reconstructed.

To say goodbye to the thinking and operational logic of the Internet, the blockchain needs to have a blockchain look. Looking back at the development of blockchains, we can see the important role that capital plays in it. It was because of the screaming capital of the capital that we saw a new dynasty like the Internet. However, when the Internet-based development model and operational logic are not recommended by the market, if we still use the Internet’s thinking and operational logic to explore the development of the blockchain, it is bound to be the blockchain industry. Development has brought it into a new predicament.

When the capital-assisted blockchain project can only be realized by digital currency, it has already been explained that the so-called blockchain has entered the Internet. Blindly and singly using the Internet to apply blockchain development will only bring the development of blockchain into a development dilemma similar to the Internet.

As a brand-new technology, especially a highly disruptive technology, the blockchain should have a blockchain look. It can’t just be a hard-moving Internet-based development model. Finally, the development of the blockchain industry will only Fall into the dilemma of the Internet. Jumping out of the circle of digital currency requires constructing a running system with the characteristics of a blockchain, rather than just copying it.

Exploring the possibility of realizing the blockchain, digital currency should not be the only channel for realizing the blockchain. The mode of operation that relies heavily on capital ultimately makes the development of the blockchain subject to the turmoil of the capital market. If the capital market becomes cold, the development of the blockchain market will not be good. In the question of realizing the realization of blockchain, the so-called blockchain practitioners did not find a truly effective channel for realisation, just considering the blockchain as another tool for traffic harvesting.

Jumping out of the circle of digital currency, you need to find a new blockchain realizing channel, rather than just focusing on the digital currency. Among them, the blockchain is regarded as a new technology in the era of empowerment. By empowering traditional industries, it will find more breakthroughs for the development of traditional industries, thus opening up new channels for monetization in the era of empowerment. One try.

In the context of the tide of capital, the strange circle of jumping out of digital currency needs to find more possibilities for liquidation. In the era when empowerment is becoming mainstream, the traditional industry can be found through blockchains, and new possibilities for liquidation can be found. It is just a channel to explore the possibility of more realization of blockchains. In the future, as blockchain technology continues to mature, we will find more possibilities for liquidation, not just to send money or ICO to harvest leeks in digital currency, and finally turn the blockchain into a hammer.

For the blockchain that relies heavily on digital currency, the key to jumping out of the current development dilemma is to find a new operating system beyond a digital currency. Whether it is from the blockchain itself, the foundation of the blockchain or the realization of the blockchain, we can find new possibilities for the development of blockchains. Thus, a more rational and rational blockchain new The era of development will eventually come.

The internal and external environment has changed dramatically, how does the blockchain industry survive the winter?

Winter is the key word throughout the development of the current blockchain market. In the face of the rapid changes that are taking place in the blockchain market, we need to find a way to survive the blockchain industry. Blindly relying on capital and blindly adding digital currency has proved to be unable to fundamentally solve the fundamental problem of blockchain development. Looking for the best wintering method in the blockchain market, it still needs to start from the blockchain itself.

Technology is the top priority, and the blockchain really needs to return to the technology itself. No matter how cool the blockchain is, we can’t deny that it is a reality of new technology. When the winter comes, what we have to do is to let the blockchain really return to the technology itself, and not to go around the existing blockchain technology to carry out some concepts of so-called innovation, while ignoring the technology for the blockchain. Its own driving role.

Facing the rapid changes in the internal and external environment, we should return to the blockchain itself and truly regard the blockchain technology as the starting point and the foothold. Through the continuous enrichment and improvement of blockchain technology, we can find more possibilities for realizing externalization. For the blockchain industry that is in the cold winter period, returning the development of the blockchain to the technology itself, and finding more development possibilities through the perfection and enrichment of technology, may be the most suitable for the blockchain industry. Winter posture.

We have seen that more and more blockchain entrepreneurs are now returning to the technology itself and developing some enabling applications through the technology of the blockchain industry. With the advent of a new era of development centered on blockchain technology, it is believed that the future development of blockchain will truly enter a more stable and strong development era.

Capital is not the whole blockchain, looking for the possibility of realisation based on the blockchain itself. Although capital plays a very important role in the development of the blockchain industry, capital is not the entire blockchain. Saying goodbye to capital and finding more possibilities based on the blockchain itself is the key to how far the blockchain market can go in the future.

In addition, on the road to exploring the possibility of realizing the blockchain, we cannot rely on the currency or ICO blindly, but need to expand the possibility of realizing the blockchain to a broader field. In addition to harvesting leeks, the blockchain is a completely new technology that can really bring about changes in the industry. From this perspective, we can also continue to give ourselves more by expanding the possibilities of blockchain realization. Energy, let the blockchain industry better winter.

Saying goodbye to the logic of capital, truly opening up a new world about the realization of blockchain, not only can find more applications of blockchain, but also attract more capital attention through the application of blockchain, and finally let the blockchain market It can be realized through the blockchain application, and the same can be obtained from the support of capital and continue to develop.

When the development of the blockchain market relied too much on digital currency, the development of the blockchain industry has become passive. At this time, the so-called blockchain became a “one-man show” dedicated to digital currency, so the blockchain market began to enter the cold winter. Facing the rapid changes in the blockchain market, returning to the technology itself, and finding a way to survive beyond capital may be the perfect posture for the blockchain market to survive the winter.


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