Has BlockShow lost its glam?

In 2018, Finder.com has recorded a ground-breaking record of blockchain summits held worldwide; there were 435 large-scale conferences held in just 365 days. The conferences were usually graced by thought leaders of the crypto-space.

However, the summits are starting to lose its glam. Consensus 2018 faces backlash as attendees laments its effectiveness and dryness in panel discussions.

BlockShow 2018 spiced up the conference creatively with lustrous paintings of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. This has also provided respite to the anxious investors affected by the crashing prices of the digital assets.

Apart from visual entertainment, BlockShow focused on discussing the strategies of advancing blockchain’s technology and ecosystem. In comparison with 2017, the topics have grown from ‘the hottest altcoins’ to the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Panel discussions as such promote the healthy development of the sector as a whole and put an end to speculative investments.

As Security Token Offering (STO) is dubbed as the next rising ‘star’ in 2019, the panels took the opportunity to describe the benefits and flaw of it. Mr Addy Creeze, CEO of BlockShow, told Boxmining:

“Key players of ICO look to STOs as a way to reignite the flame in fundraising. STOs offer direct value to token holders – by offering an equity share of the company, it solves many of the problems of Utility Tokens face. Token holders no longer need to ask, “what are the tokenomics” or “what makes this token valuable in the long term.”

The main drawback of the STO is the high cost derived from the listing process. Asia Token Fund, a new STO listing platform based in Singapore, aims to resolve the problem with the help of blockchain technology. To know more, watch out for this space in March 2019.

Mr Andy Creeze has also spoken with Forbes on the main goals of BlockShow:

“The main outcome is the relationships between people. It’s great to meet people after the event and realise the people they’re working with now, they met at BlockShow.”

Image Source: CoinTelegraph


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