Huobi Research Institute Annual Report: Chinese Blockchain-Related Patent Applications Take up 63% of the World

On February 28, the Huobi Blockchain Research Institute (“Huobi Research Institute”) officially released “Global Blockchain Industry Development Panorama (2019-2020) . The report comprehensively sorts out the 2019 blockchain industry from five aspects, including the current status of the global blockchain industry, the interpretation of the blockchain industry structure, and the application of the blockchain industry. It also analyzes and predicts the industry’s 2020 trends.

The report points out that blockchain technology is increasingly valued. As of now, more than 30 provinces, cities and regions have issued relevant policies for the deployment of blockchain, and 38 blockchain industrial parks have been established. With the continuous rise of the status of the blockchain, China’s blockchain-related patent applications have become the world’s largest . As of the end of 2019, there were about 22,000 blockchain-related patents worldwide, of which China accounted for 63%.

Yuan Yuming, the dean of Huobi Research Institute, said that with the widespread application of blockchain technology, it will significantly reduce the entire society’s operating costs, improve efficiency, and change people’s original cognitive standards, which will definitely trigger a new round of industrial pattern upgrade.

World-Huobi Research Institute Annual Report: China's Blockchain-Related Patent Applications Take Up 63% of the World

In fact, the blockchain industry has many positive changes in 2019. The report shows that not only large-scale applications have appeared in the fields of finance, supply chain, intellectual property, electronic certificate, and medical treatment, but also the establishment of public infrastructure organizations such as BSN (Blockchain Service Network), which is reducing enterprise At the same time as the application of barriers, the application of the blockchain industry has accelerated.

In addition, IEEE and other international standards organizations are also orderly establishing blockchain standards. It is expected that blockchain-related standards will soon be implemented. The report predicts that there will be more cross-chain cases between alliance chains in 2020, maintaining cross-chain data interaction while maintaining their independence .

Yuan Yuming believes that 2019 is a year in which the blockchain is recognized.It has not only been recognized and supported in terms of policies, but also has taken a new step in integrating with the real industry. Taking Huobi China as an example, in 2019, it completed the cooperation with Jihong Co. ( to develop a “one thing, one yard” blockchain management platform, and cooperated with Hengqin International Intellectual Property Exchange Center to develop blockchain + property rights registration and The trading system, and the development of an international blockchain integration platform with Rootschen, etc., the blockchain has become increasingly integrated with the real economy.

The global blockchain-related investment and financing tends to be rational, which is another positive change in 2019. According to the report’s survey results, the global investment scale in 2019 dropped from US $ 4.26 billion in 2018 to US $ 3.7 billion, a decrease of 27.9%. Although the scale of investment has declined, many blockchain payment projects have been released.

After JP Morgan Chase released JPMCoin, Facebook and more than 20 giants jointly released the Libra white paper. Subsequently, the giants Barclays, Santander Bank, and New York Mellon Bank jointly issued USC for public utility settlement as shareholders. At the same time, the central banks of China, the European Union and other countries have also announced that they have accelerated the research on fiat digital currencies.

 Report predicts blockchain industry trends in 2020

The report also predicts that the financial industry is driven by the pain points of landing and capital assistance, and the deposit certificate has been endorsed by Chinese laws. With the large number of applications in vertical fields such as finance, deposit certificate, and government affairs, the government will gain more recognition in 2020. Especially in the field of government affairs, it is likely that it will come later due to the active participation of relevant government departments.

It is understood that the report was jointly released with the Tsinghua SEM Business Model Research Center, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Blockchain Joint Laboratory, Xi’an University of Electronic Technology Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Blockchain and Secure Computing, and Harbin Institute of Technology Blockchain Research Center.

” As the country attaches more and more importance to the development of emerging technologies such as blockchain, and as the standards for the in-depth integration of blockchain technology and financial attributes begin to be implemented, it is believed that more innovative combinations of new industries in blockchain will emerge in 2020 And application landing . “Yuan Yuming said.

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