Invest: Asia 2019 with TomoChain – TomoX & TomoZ as current focus

The event Invest: Asia was successfully held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore on September 11-12. More than a thousand guests attended the conference, 71 speakers and 41 media representatives. With a dynamic expo floor, a special Asia edition of CoinDesk Live and plentiful networking opportunities, Invest: Asia had further explored how Asian crypto markets function and impact the world at large.

During the meeting, Founder of BlockACE & ATFnews Vietnam – Ms. Anh Le interviewed TomoChain’s Founder – Dr. Long Vuong (Dr. Long) about his current focus for TomoChain & personal views about Vietnam regulation as well as roles of the community.

About TomoChain

TomoChain is using a consensus method called Proof of Stake Voting (“PoSV”) with a network of 150 master nodes worldwide. TomoChain mainnet was successfully launched in 2018, operating with 2,000TPS and a near-zero transaction fee, enabling a much faster and cheaper way to build dApps and issue tokens while keeping the network decentralized and secure. TomoChain token (TOMO) is currently listed on Binance, Binance DEX, Kucoin,, BitForex etc…

TomoChain booth received mass attention from Singapore Invest: Asia guests

Q1. You’ve been in Singapore for several times, what is your focus and purpose of visiting Singapore this time?

Dr. Long: My purpose is to introduce TomoChain mainnet and core products to all attendees, speakers, media, press, to network with innovators in all businesses and to explore partnerships with all blockchain and crypto peers as well as traditional enterprises.

TomoChain mainnet has been running since December 2018 and been stable for 9 months. We recently introduced a new protocol called TomoZ – Zero Friction protocol which enables token holders to pay a transaction fee with the same token they are holding. TomoZ removes the friction of having to hold native blockchain coins/tokens to send to other wallets or to interact with Dapps. For example, TomoZ can be tailored for issuing stable coins and loyalty points.

“TomoZ — with Z standing for Zero — is the new protocol enabling holders to transfer TomoChain-based tokens without using TOMO as the transaction fee. TomoZ main net launch on August 20th is one of the critical landmarks for TomoChain ecosystem in 2019.” (Source: TomoChain’s Medium)

Founder of BlockACE & ATFnews Vietnam – Ms. Anh Le (left) interviewed TomoChain’s Founder – Dr. Long Vuong at Invest: Asia

Meanwhile, TomoX is a protocol for building decentralized exchanges (DEXs). TomoX is integrated directly into the core layer of TomoChain blockchain, benefitting from the high performance and fast confirmation time of Proof-of-Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus. TomoX has a Masternode-Relayer architecture. DEXs working with TomoX will be more powerful than traditional DEXs.

TomoX offers easy accessibility, better performance, full decentralization, liquidity, more security, lower cost, and interoperability. While TomoX has not been launched yet (Testnet is scheduled by end of Oct), you can try all other products like TomoWallet, TomoMaster, TomoScan, TomoX etc.

TomoWallet IOS, Android & Web Version




TomoChain Dapps can also be found at and Dapp.Review.

Q2. How do you see the potential for Tomo X in the near future, both in Vietnam & on a global scale?

Dr. Long: So, as a protocol, we’re going to introduce the Tomo X, which is the decentralized exchange protocol. As you know, TomoChain is really focusing on the financial sector and has a big vision in the token economy in which token can be used for a lot of economic activities. Not only in Vietnam but also on a global scale, I think both Tomo X and Tomo Z are critical to making it happen.

The loyalty point program use case of TomoZ protocol which was announced in late August.

Q3. A lot of international blockchain companies are concerned that countries in which the government has not had clear regulations are one of the main barriers to enter Viet Nam market. Since TomoChain is based in Hanoi, what is your view on that?

Dr. Long Vuong with representative of NEO

Dr. Long: If you are working on technology and technology solutions for enterprise like us, legal issues are much simpler. But if you are working on cryptocurrency, you have to follow the local regulation. The government in Vietnam is working on building the legal framework for cryptocurrency. Generally, the government is very supportive of the new technology and we hope that there will be a new opportunity in the future given by the supportive government policy.

Q4. Great to hear that from TomoChain & definitely it is such good news to our international friends. Besides, you also have mentioned some activities co-host with the government agency. Could you share further on that?

Dr. Long: Sure. Generally, TomoChain has been involved in many events hosted by the Government of Vietnam to advise the government official about blockchain and cryptocurrency, especially their potential. Last week, I was a speaker at an event, hosted by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam called “Dialogue on Blockchain-based Application Legal Framework”…

“Dialogue on Blockchain-based Application Legal Framework” hosted by
Ministry of Justice of Vietnam.

Q5. TomoChain is a Global Top 100 public blockchain with offices in Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore and has communities worldwide. What do you think about the role of community support to projects and to government attitude towards 4.0 technology adoption?

Dr. Long: I think in the crypto industry, the community is critical. You need to have a big community which also being supportive and active in order to actually have token users in some way. Also developing a community does not only mean building a project but also about making something useful and fun for the users. TomoChain is actively doing so in Vietnam like educating the users, introducing the potential of blockchain technology, the potential of payment network based on blockchain and I think as long as you are producing values or a valuable product, with a community, you will outrun.

Q6. You were sharing about the recent event in Vietnam. Apart from that, is there any international conference where the TomoChain oversea community can look forward to meeting the team?

Dr. Long: We try to be present in many blockchain activities. Last week we were at Shanghai Blockchain Week (China). The next stop is Osaka Blockchain Week (Japan). So join our global community on Telegram, you can see me and our team there very often.

About Dr. Long Vuong, CEO and Founder of TomoChain

Long is an experienced technologist & entrepreneur who has a firm conviction and clear vision for the “Internet of Value”. Dr. Long follows a big vision to build products that impact millions of people. His current project TomoChain is aiming to solve the scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain. He is also co-founder and the former project lead of very successful NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement).

TomoChain official channels
TomoChain Announcement Channel | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | Github

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