Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019

Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019 is coming, and it will be held from September 14th to September 18th in Shanghai this year.

Global Blockchain Summit and Shanghai International Blockchain Week are always one of the most important annual global conferences because it attracts more than 1000 participants all over the world and invites experts from various industries to discuss prevailing trends in blockchain.

As one of the largest International, high-level and content-based blockchain events, it was founded by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs in 2015 and hosted annually since then. Up to now, the Global Blockchain Summit and Shanghai International Blockchain Week has been successfully held for four years and attracted thousands of participants around the world.

This year, many top leaders in the blockchain industry already confirmed to participate, such as Vitalik Buterin—founder of Ethereum, Lilin Sun—CEO and founder of PlatOn, Alex Batlin—founder of Trustology, Matthew Commons—CEO and founder of Cambridge Blockchain, and Chu Shuai—co-founder of Qtum. Besides, a lot of experts from various industries are also going to contribute this year such as Renato Grottola—Digital Transformation Director of DNV GL, Xiaotian Chen—Manager of China Unicom IOT, and Antonio Senatore— CTO of Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab, etc.

The past discussion in the summit included the introduction of blockchain, development of the blockchain industry in China, thoughts regarding application, regulation, and the future trend of blockchain as well as true value exploration of blockchain and possible solutions to the technical challenges with stakeholders from various industries.

With the theme— “New Decade, New Beginning.” In 2019, the 5th summit plan to integrate advanced global blockchain projects to help participants understand the true value and impact of the blockchain, and invite top leaders in the blockchains industry to share their insight regarding the developing trends of blockchain in the new decade.

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