In the first quarter of 2018, the demand for blockchain related skillsets grew by 6000%, but only 42% of the top universities provide courses about blockchain technology. Thus, we have curated the list of new and upcoming blockchain courses in Singapore for all individuals who aspire to be part of the fourth industrial revolution.

There are a few roles that are in high demand in the ecosystem of blockchain namely blockchain developers and advisories. As the number of blockchain projects spikes, companies would seek for experienced advisory and blockchain developers to launch the project successfully.

The need for education would prepare you for not only the job but also the world of blockchain. As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Short Term Courses for Beginners

Temasek Polytechnic – A Beginner’s Introduction to Blockchain Technology with Ethereum & Solidity Smart Contracts

Duration: 20 – 21 Dec 2018

Overview: The course aims to provide hands-on training for blockchain developers. The introductory training includes setting up of Ethereum Node, writing and executing the first smart contract as Distributed App on a web browser. More info is available on their site.

Course Fees:  $481.50, subsidies are available for all Singaporeans and PRs.

Certificate: Participants will be issued with a Certificate of Accomplishment upon meeting 75% of the required course attendance.


Singapore Management University (SMU) – Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey

Duration: 12 Oct 2018

More info is available on their site:

Full Fee: S$856 per participant (including GST), subsidies are available for all Singaporeans and PRs.

Overview: Introduction of blockchain applicability to businesses with use cases.



National University of Singapore (NUS) – Introduction to Blockchain & DLT for Executives

Duration: 28 -29 Sep 2018

Overview: Learn the fundamental concepts of Blockchain & DLT with use cases

Course Fees:  Subsidies are available for all Singaporeans and PRs at $288.90

Certificate: The ISS Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the course

More info is available on their site:


NTUC x Huobi: Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Duration: 1-day x 7 hours

Overview: Learn the basics of blockchain technology and understand the utility of Bitcoin

Course fee: $300, subsidies are available for NTUC members

More info is available on their site:



Intermediate & Upcoming Courses

Singapore Polytechnic – Fintech Talent Programme

Duration: 6 weeks course; 80 contact hours

Overview: The programme aims to equip FinTech professional with the essential skillsets for the industry. Participants are also able to culminate knowledge from leaders to create and pitch a corporate innovation start-up through the capstone project.

Course Fee: $3200 (without GST), subsidies are available for all Singaporeans and PRs.

Certification: Certificate of Performance

More info is available on their site:




Ngee Ann Polytechnic x Kingsland Blockchain Technology – Blockchain Developer Course

Duration: 4 weeks of contact + 2 weeks of project work

Overview: Participants will be learning essential blockchain tools like consensus algorithm and smart contract. They would also be provided with working sandboxes for all the coding that is developed.

Course Fee: $13,000, subsidies are available for all Singaporeans and PRs.

Certification: A Certificate of Completion by Kingsland Blockchain Technology (KBT) and a Certificate of Participation by NP will be awarded to participants who achieve at least 75% attendance and pass all assessments.

More info is available here:


Singapore University of Social Science – Graduate Certificate in Fintech

Duration: 0.5 – 1 year; weekday evenings or weekends

Overview: (1) Technology Innovations in Finance; (2) Application and challenge of Blockchain Technologies; (3) Python Programme; (4) Blockchain security and privacy – Total of 15 Credit units

Certification: Graduate Certificate in Fintech

Course Fees and more information is available here:


Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS) x NEM – Certified Blockchain Consultant  

Duration:  6 months or lesser; full or part modules are available

Overview: the course ensures individuals are professionally trained and certified before they are deployed out to provide advice. A Certified Blockchain Consultant (CBC) will be equipped with skillset and knowledge in the blockchain, cryptocurrency/ICO, exchanges. IBS is also looking at mapping a career pathway for a CBC, which he/she can add value to the blockchain ecosystem.

Course Fees: $2000, subsidies are available for all Singaporeans and PRs.

More information is available here:

Certification: Certified Blockchain Consultant

During the email interview with President of IBS, Alvin Chua spoke of his views on the role of education in Blockchain:

“We saw that blockchain education is a niche market and its role are very crucial at a fundamental level, educating the public about the potential scams and risk management They will be more well informed and educated in the blockchain and crypto space so as not to fall behind or fell into a pit. The role of education does not just prepare for investments, it also to prepare for more homegrown blockchain developers to create solutions to help solve social issues.”

As the technology of blockchain continues to evolve rapidly, the conventional ways will be replaced, and new opportunities will start to present itself. Thus, individuals could better embrace the disruption of Fintech through education.

Photo Credits: Polytechnics, Universities, NTUC, IBS


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