Author: Kella Pacquiao, Philippines 

In recent years, people have received numerous information that neither could be fully trusted — nor better yet — transparent.

It is a time that calls for clarity and thorough consideration.

And what we got here is blockchain.

What Misinformation Carries

News released by The New York Times says that Facebook faces a dire crisis related to privacy scandal. It was a concern about accessing massive users’ private information.

Here is the worse part.

The exploited info was used to make in-depth profiles which companies will use to aim their targeted advertisements to people. One of misfortune is Russian propagandists using false accounts, spreading misinformation and doctored images in their Facebook page called Secured Borders.

Left: Taken by Randi Romo at pro-immigration rally, Right: Altered image

It was the worst state that Facebook ever faced.

This kind of situation also happens in government officials.

U.S. president Donald Trump admittedly says in his campaign speech that he made up the statistics about trade deficits in a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Everything we got in our home and anywhere else has technology. But “fake news” and Photoshop knows no bounds across the internet which informed and backfired on us.

Building Trust with Blockchain

Blockchain can be used effectively to avoid data tampering and can transmit info securely.

In editorial section of The Wall Street Journal, Mounir Ibrahim pinpoints this by advocating the use of blockchain:

“Technological advances now make it possible to disseminate images and videos around the world in seconds…Device sensor data can verify precisely where a photo or video was taken, and the blockchain can ensure its integrity in perpetuity. All this information can be stored securely on the blockchain.”

News coverage and global documentation require the source’s reliability and it is often questioned. With blockchain, verified and tampered-free data is possible since it will be difficult to fiddle with.

Facing it

A heated fight in elections, opening up new crypto-based startups and different conflicts across the globe was just a few mishaps about the misuse of technology we have today.

Decentralizing the news platforms can bring true security and authority. The question is how long it will take us to adopt and recognize it.

It may not come during our time but by changing how we approach the truth, we can live and make the best out of what we got.


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