[Singapore] 2019 World Blockchain Forum Singapore & World Blockchain Award Asia in the Lion City, Dissecting “RegTech” and “Digital Finance”

World Blockchain Forum Singapore & World Blockchain Award Asia will be grandly held on 22nd – 23rd June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The generation of Blockchain 2.0 has officially arrived, with the entrance of technology giants represented by Facebook and financial institutions led by the government, it is almost certain that more industry giants will deploy blockchain implementations to their products or services.

  • How would blockchain evolve in the next ten years or so?
  • How do companies and governments implement RegTech?
  • How does the future of Digital Finance look like?
  • How would the Asian Pacific region take advantage of the chances provided in this new digital information era?

These questions will be broken down into specific topics and discussed at WBF World Blockchain Forum Singapore. Let’s have a glance at what the conference will bring us!

Located in Asian Pacific, Global Resource Aggregation

It had been one year since WBF had correlated with some top minds of Asia in the Lion City. The reasons behind WBF targeting the Asia- Pacific region are due to rapid but sustainable development of both population & economy of the region. It is clear that the Asia-Pacific region is having increasingly importance in the global economy, and investors believe that we are only seeing the surface of the true potential of the region, especially on implementing digital finance.

World Blockchain Forum Singapore will gather top blockchain and financial technology practitioners and enthusiasts from Singapore, Japan, and Korea; elites from international financial hub – Hong Kong, Mainland China and the massive market of India; evangelists from fast growing countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and other more countries. There will be in-depth information, insights and discussions about the potential of the Digital Finance in the APAC region and will connect global developing practitioners to dissect the most recent trending topics.

WBF will assemble more than 3000 industry experts, 95 eminent speakers, and 110 media companies, hence top global resources, in order to present the best of the industry. The line-up is not just massive, but as well include loads of well-known reputable speakers.

The event had successfully invited authorities from different fields, including governmental representatives, Asia regulatory bodies, global industry giants, emerging enterprises from various regions and relevant investment institutions and multiple well-known media groups to conduct comprehensive discussions on the most trending topics, aiming to inspire correlation of knowledge within the industry.

All Trending Topics Thoroughly Discussed

In 2019, both JP Morgan, Facebook, IBM have announced their grand entering of the blockchain industry. Meanwhile, industry giants such as Google, BlackRock, Temasek, and Rothschild had join forces to invest a total of 80 billion US dollars; Bakkt, the New York digital exchange and liquidity provider had successfully raised 182 million US dollars. It is significant that the generation of blockchain 2.0 has officially begun as shown from the deployments of all these leading entities in the world.

Standing ahead of the new era, World Blockchain Forum Singapore proudly presents comprehensive and intensive keynote speeches and panel discussions on “RegTech” and “Digital Finance”. More than 20 Keynote speeches & 9 + panel discussions will be delivered at the event. As mentioned before, the event features a range of participants from governmental representatives, regulatory bodies and investors, the topics will be dissected in depth from different perspectives.

The event will focus on examining the theme of “Implementation of RegTech”, Our eminent speakers provide exclusive insights on topics that are based on some most recent case studies, including “Government Powered by Blockchain”, “RegTech in Asia”, “Compliance & Regulations of Digital Assets in Hong Kong” and “Blockchain Regulation & Future Development around Asia” etc. The discussions and speeches will reveal underlying logic of the digital economy and also the concept of financial regulation & paradigm, by the actual implementation of blockchain with different perspectives being presented.

So where does the future of digital finance lay? This topic will undoubtedly spark intensive debates on the discussions of “2019 Blockchain New Trends”, “Digital Currency & Digital Finance”, “Digital Finance in Asia”, “Digitalization of the Financial Economy” etc. for those on stage, discussions between audiences off the stage are also expected to be comprehensive.

The revolution of blockchain is inevitable; Huawei Blockchain, Corda, Ethereum and other blockchain platforms have demonstrated the possibility of integrating emerging technologies and blockchain innovation with their own development, applications, upgrading, and the ingenious merge of traditional industries implementing blockchain.

Explore the Undisclosed, Discover to Lead

According to The Inevitability authored by Kevin Kelly, which mentioned: “The future has come, it’s just not popular yet”. The gate to blockchain, or digital finance, has already been unlocked. Despite the fact that the industry is still developing in baby steps, the entering of tech and financial giants had benchmarked the official arrival of a new era of Blockchain 2.0, while we witness the exiting of Blockchain Era 1.0.

This generation will be facing the largest digital migration, where technology will infuse and penetrate the financial sector. We have seen innovations from traditional finance to Financial Technology. We will also see Digital Finance while blockchain reconstructs the financial infrastructures. Within the global digital finance ecosystem, wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, stablecoins, digital banking and payment have become five “phenomenon circuits” where everybody is concerned about. It is incontrovertible that we will see more innovations beyond our imagination from governments, industries, and enterprises etc.

During the Singapore event, diversified topics such as “Transforming and upgrading traditional industries by Blockchain”, “How could Blockchain Based Enterprises Survive in the Bear Market” will disclose some interesting opinions in the prospectus of entities and individuals. WBF helps taking care of the present, and discovering the future for all delegates participating.

Join us in Lion City, act now, and jointly build the new era of blockchain with us and we will see you in Singapore!


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