WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference

On September 20th, WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place in Indonesia. The conference will bring top talents and resources together in the Asian blockchain to penetrate the Indonesian market and boost the international cooperation of the blockchain industry.

The rapid development of blockchain technology has brought about a disruptive revolution in many industries such as finance, the internet of things, and e-commerce. The blockchain is reshaping traditional industrial forms and spawning new industries and business models. Throughout the Southeast Asian market, financial markets and investment markets have ushered in new growth points, driven by digital currency and blockchain technologies. As the largest economy in ASEAN, Indonesia attracts global attention. In recent years, Indonesia has been developing. From the establishment of the Southeast Asian blockchain alliance in Jakarta to the well-known digital currency exchanges in various countries, Indonesia can play an increasingly important role in the development of the Asian blockchain. 

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WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference

In order to promote the global innovation cooperation in the blockchain field in Asia and deeply explore the opportunities in the Indonesian blockchain market, the WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference will be held on September 20th at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. The conference invited 40+ industry elites, 20+ quality projects, 50+ cooperation media and 500+ participants from the global blockchain field to gather in Jakarta to discuss the cutting-edge technological innovations and the innovations of the business model and international cooperation in the blockchain field.

The WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference has three main highlights:

Asian blockchain innovation display platform

As the “global publicity pioneer” in the blockchain field, promoting the development of the blockchain industry is the core content of the WBF conference. The WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference will create a trusted resource platform and traffic portal for the Asian blockchain industry through keynote speeches, panel discussions, etc.

Up to now, the conference has received many enthusiastic consultations from Asian blockchain quality projects such as China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. And some of them have already confirmed to participate in the Indonesia Technology Conference. At that time, 50+ professional media from Indonesia, Japan, China, etc, including Blockchain No.1, BeeCast, COINTOKYO, and Coin Express will be on-the-spot live coverage of the conference. A grand industry exchange feast is going to start.

Excellent market research and cooperation opportunities

There is no doubt that blockchain technology has emerged around the world, and related industries have gradually become a hot trend for capital chasing, and have become the commanding heights of global technology and industry competition. As the country with the largest population in Southeast Asia and ASEAN (the population of 266 million in 2018) and the largest economy (2018 GDP, 1.04 trillion US dollars, GDP per capita 4,000 dollars, economic growth rate 5.47%), the Indonesian government hopes to be driven by technology and digital to accelerate Indonesia’s economic growth and vitality, and friendly regulatory policies and adequate demographic dividends will also boost the rapid development of the blockchain industry in Indonesia.

In this popular field of blockchain, the conference specially invites people in the investment field to share the value-adding cases of blockchain technology in various fields such as finance, internet of things, social communication, medical care, education, etc. And the conference sets up business social luncheons, projects docking and other ways to provide a space for face-to-face cooperation and negotiation so that opportunities can be generated in the exchange of contacts and technological innovation and application innovation will have greater effects in the integration.

Asia’s blockchain top talents gathered

The WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference aims to penetrate the Indonesian blockchain market and create an authoritative blockchain exchange platform. The conference will invite more than 40 top block talents from all over the world to explain the cutting-edge blockchain technology and development trends, share unique insights in blockchain technology innovation, and have a deep discussion about blockchain technology innovation and industrial development. 

At present, a more influential person from the United States, Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions are gradually assembling. They will bring a series of wonderful speeches on the topics of the status of the Indonesian blockchain market, how to grasp development opportunities in Southeast Asia and how to empower traditional industries, etc. It will start a new perspective on the industry and inspire technology to create innovative models.

Embracing the wave of the development of the Asian blockchain, on September 20th, WBF 2019 Indonesia Technology Conference sincerely invites guests from different fields to gather in Jakarta to talk about blockchain innovation.

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