499Block female community launching in Southeast Asia

This post is also available in Vietnamese

After setting up 499Block Korea, we are searching for excellent woman in South East Asia to gather the next international station named 499Block SEA. Aiming to integrate and optimize the SEA blockchain industry marketing information and resources, we sincerely invite excellent ladies to join in our warm community, appealing for inviting more ladies.

We do believe that ladies can empower the blockchain industry!If you want to be a founding member of 499Block SEA or a volunteer to co-coordinate our community. Please add wechat: sisilows to know more about it. You can express your own idea in our community:) Be yourself and make difference!

About 499Block:

499Block is the No.1 blockchain community, determined to create a “intellectuality, warmth” female community platform, condensing the most influential and valued female practitioners in the blockchain industry, as well as the world’s industry leaders regularly holding online and offline interactive communication activities, including the On-line interviews、Study salons、Afternoon tea and Global meet up.

The on-line interviews have invited 70 industry masters including NEO Founder Da Hongfei、TRON Founder Sun Yuchen、LD Capital Founder Yi Lihua、the fifth richest of the Forbes 2017 Encryption Economy Matthew Roszak、TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington、DGroup Founder Zhao Dong, and Bitcoin early investor Jeffrey Wernick and so on. Since its establishment in May 2018, it has quickly established 50 international branching groups covering the head groups in the global blockchain industry, and quickly become the hottest blockchain community in the world.

ATF Global team are among first members
of 499Block Korea & 499Block SEA


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