BiKi Announces Release Of Global User System, Contract And Leverage Fees Earned To Be Used to Buyback BIKI

BiKi Global User System

Time flies, and BiKi has been launched for more than a year now. Within a year, BiKi has more than 2 million registered users worldwide and 200,000 daily users, becoming a frontrunner amongst emerging top tier exchanges. Recently, the crypto market has started to warm up, and in turn, user transaction volumes have gradually increased, especially for BitcoinEthereum and Ripple. To reduce user transaction costs and improve user experience, BiKi will officially launch a new Global User System.  

According to the official announcement, BiKi will officially implement the global user system with tiered fees at 10:00 (GMT + 8) on February 10, 2020. The first phase of the current launch will support currency trading and leveraged trading. In the future, $BIKI Token (our platform token) will be used for determining user level and as the core value carrier for tiered fees. Discounts for handling fees can be enjoyed when using BIKI. 

BiKi Global User System

Ⅰ. User system and ladder fee system 

The BiKi tiered fee system on the cryptocurrency exchange is divided into two categories: ordinary users and professional users. Ordinary users only need to meet the BIKI position requirements, while professional users need to meet both BIKI position and transaction volume requirements. 

The marker base rate of ordinary users on our cryptocurrency exchange  is 0.150% and the taker base rate is 0.150%. It is divided into 7 levels according to the different BIKI positions, and the highest level can enjoy a 20% discount on the base rate. At the same time, you can also use BIKI to deduct the handling fee, and enjoy 25% off again, the maximum cumulative discount is 40% off. 

BiKi Global User System Ordinary User

The first-rate maker rate for professional users on our cryptocurrency exchange is 0.08%, and the basic rate for taker is 0.095%. It is divided into 7 levels according to the difference in BIKI’s position and transaction volume. The highest level can enjoy a discount of 80% of the ordinary user maker rate and a discount of 57% for the taker rate. At the same time, you can also use BIKI to deduct the handling fee and enjoy 25% off again, with a maximum cumulative discount of 85%. 

BiKi Global User System Professional User

Explanation of related terms: 

Maker (Pending Order): An order is placed at a specified price and is not immediately traded with other orders in the order book. Instead, it enters the order list and waits for the counterparty’s order.  

Taker: The act of placing an order at a specified price (a sell order with the same price also exists in the order book) and immediately transacting with other orders in the order book, mostly at market prices. 

Ⅱ. BiKi is the next city, and the user system empowers BiKi 

BiKi’s new user system has formed full user coverage from ordinary users to VIPs at all levels. Through the tiered fee system and the BiKi fee deduction model, transaction costs for trading BitcoinEthereumRipple and more have been significantly reduced and the overall transaction experience has been improved. In addition, the new user system of BiKi has several advantages and significance. 

1. Create a more efficient trading experience 

The implementation of the BiKi user system has greatly reduced transaction costs, which will attract more investors and stimulate an increase in the trading volume of the platform. It will increase the liquidity of the BiKi platform and reduce the spreads. It will provide BiKi users with a more efficient trading environment. 

2. Improve user stickiness and platform value 

For users, a good user system helps guide users to use different product features of BiKi, allow users to feel a sense of achievement, and provide more and better privileges, while benefitting from the platform. At the same time, the VIP classification system is also preparing for subsequent refined operations. 

BiKi’s new user system will also lead users to change from novice to seed users, establish emotional relationships with users, and ultimately achieve user stickiness and platform value increment, thereby achieving a win-win situation for the platform and users. 

3. Implement the strategic plan for BIKI empowerment 

The tiered fee system and BiKi fee deduction model in the new BiKi user system have added new application scenarios for BIKI, which will effectively encourage users to hold BIKI in addition to major cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinEthereum or Ripple. In addition to sharing the dividends of the BiKi platform, BIKI also help save users on transaction fees. In addition, as mentioned the BiKi fee deduction model, using BIKI can reduce handling fees. It is a new buyback model for BIKI in terms of mechanic design, which will further stimulate deflation. 

Ⅲ. BiKi enters the head platform camp 

BiKi is the fourth online user system exchange after HuobiOKEX, and Binance, which indicates that BiKi’s user volume is similar to top-tier cryptocurrency exchange platforms. As BiKi user volume increases, the BiKi user system will continue to empower the platform and improve the applications of BiKi. In the next half of the year, income from important transactions such as leveraged trading and contract trading will be added to the buyback model to increase the value of BIKI. 

Under the guidance of the new user system, BiKi will build an cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem centered on the interests of users, increase user stickiness and platform value, and finally complete a closed business loop and form competitive barriers. 

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