Launch of BiKi Community Global Manager Recruitment Program

BiKi launches Community Global Manager Recruitment Program

📢Calling All Crypto Enthusiasts!

BiKi has officially launched the “BiKi Community Global Manager” Recruitment Program!🙌

If you have your own local blockchain or cryptocurrency community with substantial social media size (including Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram), we cordially invite you to join BiKi as our Global Community Manager and achieve amazing value together.

BiKi has operations in multiple regions around the world and more than 1,700 community managers worldwide with strong faith and focus on BiKi and the blockchain to help BiKi grow quickly into the most valuable cryptocurrency trading platform.

In 2020, in order to allow more global blockchain and cryptocurrency communities and partners to join BiKi towards building globalization and allow BiKi to create value for the global community, we launched 【 Global Community Manager】Recruitment Plan, which is geared towards recruiting partners for global blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and communities around the world. 

Duties of Global Community Manager 【GM】

1. Acts as BiKi’s ambassador;

2. Establish and manage at least one (1) local community on BiKi;

3. Daily sign-in to the group(s) and actively maintain community in an orderly manner;

4. Follow and share including but not limited to all contents, announcements and activities of BiKi to the community;

5. Provide guidance to BiKi’s new and existing users, including but not limited to answering all of users’ queries;

6. Assist BiKi to establish relationship/connection with resources such as, local projects, media and community etc;

7. Defend and maintain BiKi’s image against offensive information and users.

Benefits of Global Community Manager 【GM】

1. Community Rewards — ¹GMs are entitled to a community salary of 120 USDT of BIKI Tokens per month + 100 USDT of altcoins for every 100 ²new users who complete KYC and join the community;

2. Trading Rewards — GMs are entitled up to 50% rebates of their referrals’ trading fees per month as follows:

BiKi global community manager benefits

3. Referral Rewards — GMs are entitled to 10% of the listing fees when they successfully referred and listed a project;

4. Special Bonus — Random token airdrops issued by global projects listed on BiKi;

5. Fiat Account — GMs will be provided with a certified Fiat Merchant Account to buy and sell cryptocurrency freely;

6. Brand Equity — Leverage on BiKi’s reputation and resources to bring credibility to our communities as strategic partners;

7. Global Blockchain Events — Represent BiKi in global events, summits and conferences including invitations to our private meetups;

8. Exclusivity — Customized souvenirs and Certificate of Honor issued by BiKi;

9. Annual Performance Award — The Best GM will be selected to participate in BiKi’s annual conferences, executive dinners and other events.

Note — ¹This is subject to a monthly assessment of the performance according to an evaluation criterion with a perfect score of 10. ²The new user must register an account via BiKi’s web/app, including modifying the nickname to your community group name + user’s own customized nickname.

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BiKi launches Community Global Manager Recruitment Program

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