Launches Lending, Another Step to Becoming a Blockchain Financial Center Launches BiKi Fast Loan Launches BiKi Fast Loan

7th January, 2020, Singapore – Digital assets trading firm has been launching leverage and staking, amongst other financial products on its platform. The latest product on offering is digital asset lending, another strategic step the exchange is taking towards becoming a financial center in the blockchain industry. 

Mirroring elements of traditional finance where loans can be obtained by mortgaging real estate, cars or stocks (securities), digital asset lending replaces securities with sought-after digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to be used as collateral for loans. 

According to data compiled since July 2010, Bloomberg analysts have declared Bitcoin the decade’s best-performing asset with posted gains of more than 9 Million %. In the past year alone, the cryptocurrency has managed to rebound from its low of USD 3,700 with a cumulative increase of more than 200%, becoming the de facto darling of the capital markets. 

Concurrently, the development of the crypto industry has also spawned new financial services for crypto assets. Especially during a market downturn, financial services can prove to be essential investment tools.  

Introducing BiKi Fast Loan

The BiKi Fast Loan is a service where you can pledge your digital currencies such as BTC, ETH and other popular currencies as collateral for USDT.

This will come as welcome news for digital currency investors who might lack liquidity but do not want to miss out on a BTC skyrocketing moment that a Bitcoin halving or potential bull runs might trigger. 

Core Advantages of BiKi Fast Loan

1. Multi-currency Pledging

BiKi Fast Loan currently only supports choice of pledge in BTC, ETH and EOS, with more currencies to be launched in the future. 

2. Simple and Convenient Lending Process 

– Select the type of pledge currency and enter the amount of USDT to be loaned.

– The system will auto-calculate the pledge amount required. 

– BiKi Fast Loan works 24-7 and loans can be received within seconds.

– Pledged assets will be released upon full repayment of the USDT borrowed.

3. Lowest Interest Rates

Interest rate is calculated daily at 0.04%. So how low is this interest rate? Suppose you borrowed 10,000 USDT, it would work out to just 4 USDT per day. With the impending halving of Bitcoin and the rise in value of the collateral currency, you might even see an increase in value when you redeem your assets.

4. Interest-free Fast Loan

In line with BiKi’s mindset to “Let Users Benefit”, by shifting some of the gains from exchange to users, and to celebrate the launch of BiKi Lending, the community-oriented exchange has organized a “30 Million USDT Interest-free Loan”.

5. Safe and Reliable

Fund security is of utmost importance to every user and is also a top priority for BiKi. BiKi’s transaction mechanism operates with high-level security and BiKi uses a completely offline multi-sig to store private keys. 

Blockchain Financial Center

Presently, the size of the digital asset lending market is huge. The market value of Bitcoin has reached USD 143.35 billion and the size of the bitcoin lending market has been estimated to be about USD 14.3 billion. With about 60 million cryptocurrency holders worldwide, the digital currency lending market has huge potential for development. Major exchanges entering the digital asset lending market has also seen the arena becoming increasingly competitive.

In the future, will integrate wealth management into the lending segment to further enrich the functions of lending products to accommodate more user needs. BiKi is committed to becoming the most comprehensive lending platform in the industry. Its initiatives here and elsewhere can be seen as a reflection of its financial ambitions – to be a major financial center in the blockchain industry.

BiKi founder Winter has mentioned in an interview that “2020 will be the year blockchain develops around financial infrastructures – the year of decentralized finance (DeFi).” 

Winter, founder

Crypto-asset financial services will definitely be a strategic direction for BiKi’s future development.


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