lists TomoChain (TOMO) — The Most Efficient Public Blockchain Powered by Proof of Stake Voting Consensus

BiKi Lists TomoChain ($TOMO)

On 17 February 2020 15:00 (GMT+8), BiKi will officially list TomoChain (TOMO) and will be launching a campaign for new users and fervent supporters to win some TOMO. The simple campaign, which is open until 23 February 24:00 (GMT+8), will reward the first 100 users 10 TOMO each. All users need to do is follow BiKi and TOMO on their socials, share the campaign poster and fill up a Jinshuju form.

“BiKi is pleased to have one of the largest blockchain firms in Vietnam, TomoChain, listed with us. I have known the CEO, Dr Long, for a long time and I respect his ability and vision in this field. To have such a reputable firm in Vietnam join us proves BiKi’s growing influence in the Vietnamese market and recognition from projects and users.” Says Ethan Ng, Southeast Asia CEO of BiKi Exchange.

About TomoChain

Based out of Vietnam, one of the hottest crypto markets, TomoChain is one of Southeast Asia’s largest public blockchain. TomoChain is powered by Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus secured by 150 Masternode. TomoChain launched into Mainnet 1 year ago in December 2018. TomoChain is EVM Compatible and runs at a speedy 2000 TPS with a 2 second block time and near zero gas fees. This solves the main pain points of Ethereum: high transaction fees and high transaction time due to increasing network congestion.

TomoChain has a number of major crypto-partnerships including notables like Neo Blockchain, Chainlink and Their Masternode network is run by some of the most recognized players in the space as well, including NGC, CoinGecko, 1kX, HashQuark.

TomoChain CEO, Dr Long Vuong, was also interviewed by Forbes and had an in-person interview at NASDAQ. Long was also the former project lead of NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement).

TomoChain Protocols

  • TomoZ Protocol is a decentralized gasless transaction protocol featured in the mainnet, which issues tokens in minutes. No native token is needed as transaction fees are paid in the tokens themselves.
  • TomoX Protocol is still in its test net phase. It has the capability to launch a permissionless DEX in minutes. All trades are stored on-chain & verified by every masternode.
  • TomoP Protocol provides high-performance anonymous transactions. This offers freedom of finance by allowing anonymous transactions, obfuscating and hiding transaction senders, receivers, and value.

“Launching on highlights TomoChain’s focus on bringing our protocol to the larger Chinese investor-base. As a technology platform, TomoChain has a commanding lead throughout Southeast Asia, and working together alongside BiKi will provide its users with exposure to the greater Pan-Asia market.” says Kyn Chaturvedi, TomoChain CBDO.

TomoChain Updates

“At TomoChain we spent much of 2019 building our products and protocols as our platform matured. In 2020 we now plan to drive greater awareness in top crypto markets like China and South Korea, and BiKi is a key component towards our expansion plans through access to its connections and media channels. Similarly, BiKi will benefit from the extensive Vietnam and Southeast Asia channels that TomoChain is at the center of.” Kyn continues.

In the next couple of months, token holders can be pleased to know that TomoChain will focus mostly on the launching of new products — TomoX Protocol Mainnet, whose unique characteristic is having no centralized component, and the TomoP Public Testnet, which is scheduled to launch in February.

How TomoChain works BiKi

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