To List TriipMiles (TIIM), a Digital Currency Powering the World’s First Sustainable Travel Ecosystem That Rewards Travelers and Travel Enterprises

Triip is built on blockchain infrastructure powered by TomoChain and has been operating for 2 years with 230,000 users. Their token, TriipMiles (TIIM) is held in over 70,000 active addresses and shows signs of 300% growth recently.

Singapore, 29th June 2020 – Community-driven cryptocurrency exchange is pleased to announce that Singapore-based TriipMiles’ token TIIM, will be listing soon on the exchange. Triip is an innovative data start-up that boasts a simple itinerary planning process for travellers and assists enterprises in showcasing timely travel services to those searching for them, all of which happen on Triip’s incentive-driven platform.

“We are thrilled to have Triip on board with BiKi as they have been showing massive potential along with a strong use case.” comments Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia.” We see a lot of crypto users following their project closely, who are excited about the upcoming token listing.”

Triip is built on blockchain infrastructure powered by TomoChain and has been operating for 2 years with 230,000 users. Their token, TriipMiles (TIIM) is held in over 70,000 active addresses and shows signs of 300% growth recently. In 2019, the project participated in Vietnam’s reality television series, Shark Tank Vietnam Season 3, where various projects pitch to a panel of investors who will decide to invest in the projects. Triip successfully pitched and raised $US500,000 in the show and gained huge exposure and following by the Vietnamese market, further fueling the team’s commitment to their mission.

“We are proud to work with BiKi – one of the leading exchanges and media groups in the world’s biggest blockchain community: China. The close partnership will help our world’s fastest-growing blockchain in the travel community grow even faster,” says Hai Ho, CEO of Triip Protocol.

Aiming to shake up a USD8.8 Trillion travel market industry, Triip aims to address the biggest problem in the current travel economy – inefficient and costly middlemen. One unique feature in their app that addresses this is Create Travel Plan which allows travellers to plan their itineraries ahead of time and gain access to a host of competitive offers tailored to their own needs by partnering travel enterprises. Triip users can also opt to earn TIIM tokens when they share their itinerary plans publicly on the platform.

On the flip side, travel enterprises can utilize TIIM tokens to gain access to itinerary plans shared by users, allowing them to plan their inventory more efficiently and offer their products and services to target customers accurately. Both travellers and enterprises get a boost in time, cost, and resource allocation with the Triip platform and makes planning for holiday getaways a breeze.

Triip is currently in partnership with travel booking giants like, Agoda, Yogofi, and is in the process of expanding their service offerings to other complementary industries like air flight, taxi, and local attractions. Their exclusive partnership with Quang Nam Tourism Board located at Hoi An, a tourist hotspot in Vietnam that hosts 8 million international travellers annually, enables them to take over the coordination of incoming bookings of flights, hotels, and tourist attractions tickets. Even though their operations are located in Vietnam, most of their users hail from Europe and Asia.

However, the COVID-19 situation has heavily affected the global tourism industry but the Triip team remains positive that the pandemic will end soon and people will want to travel and explore new and interesting places which they can find easily through the platform.

“We hope to bring more awareness to Triip’s progress and plan to more people, not only cryptocurrency traders but also global travellers who believe in the more responsible way to travel and protect our planet.” enthuses Hai Ho, CEO of Triip Protocol. “This is also a great opportunity for us to raise funds and utilize that money to create fundamental changes.” Through the firm, Hai has advanced a sustainability-driven business philosophy at the core of its vision: “To pioneer forward-looking business models advancing the vision of an industry-wide transformation: sustainable travel for the world.”

In four years, it’s created jobs for locals in 100 countries, which have made it a darling in financial coverage publications including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, and The Next Web. Triip was also one of 512 members of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics – a program by the United Nations World Travel Organization.


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