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New Exchange Review: Why Trade on is one of the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchanges based in Singapore. In less than a year, the young exchange has grown to over 2 million registered users and more than 200,000 community members led by 2000 community partners. The globalized exchange has been invited to over 11 countries to speak at events and featured in international media such as Forbes and Cointelegraph. In the past month, BiKi has listed more top 100 coins[1]such as Dash, PolkaDot, Matic Network, Electroneum and MakerDAO. They have also built a strong momentum and gained strong social media attention, hitting the 10,000 followers mark on their social media channels a few weeks ago.

The exchange has also listed TomoChain, a popular local project, as well as opened the Vietnamese Dong (VND) to cryptocurrency on-off ramps. Users can now deposit their VND into their BiKi wallets, convert it to USDT, and trade TOMO/USDT trading pairs!

The growth of this new exciting exchange has captured our attention at BlogTienAo and we are now sending our journalist to review BiKi based on a few criteria: unique features for users, the BIKI platform token, current products and growth potential.

Strong Background For Strong Growth

BiKi Southeast Asia CEO, Ethan Ng, was the Marketing Lead from Huobi Global and was responsible for the famed Blockchain Festival Vietnam, co-hosted with Kyber Network and Regulus Investment, that attracted more than 1,600 attendees. He was responsible for more than 10 meetups in Vietnam with fairly good understanding of the Vietnam Market. The BiKi team has assembled a strong team comprising of ex-Digifinex, ex-Huobi, ex-okex and many more staff from Multi-National Companies (MNCs).

BiKi received investments from Huobi co-founder, Du Jun, with a personal funding of USD$5,000,000 with additional investments from 2 of the world’s most famed venture capitalists, FBG capital and Genesis Capital.

The exchange has also formed an in-depth co-operation with TRON, a new alliance in the ecological field of blockchain industry, creating the world’s first exchange with TRX pairing and attracting strong growth with users. BiKi also recently completed an AMA with TRON’s Justin Sun at Tron Foundation Telegram group.

For Users

BiKi prioritises the safety and benefits of their users. Loyal users are able to enjoy discounted trading fees, special subscription bonuses from BiKi Power as well as exclusive airdrops. Due to the activeness of the BiKi community, with over 130,000 daily active users, new traders can enjoy liquidity in their trades as well as efficient 24/7 customer support.

BiKi’s unique features lies in a concept called “Trading is Mining”. Mining on the platform gives users more returns. During mining, the trading fee will be returned to the users with a 110%(10% for computational power) value of BIKI and will be distributed to the users’ accounts after 24 hours.

Users can also enjoy playing games while earning cryptocurrencies, as BiKi has recently announced their partnership with gamification platform Winplay. This means that a simple game like “Spin the Wheel Lucky Draw” or “Connect 3” can give users a chance to win cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, with the newly launched BiKi Global User System, the more BIKI token is used and the larger the transaction volume, the lower the transaction fee, giving users differentiated transaction handling fees as low as 0.09% after discounts.

Value of BIKI platform token

BiKi is one of the few exchanges that uses 100% of transaction fees in buyback of the token, BIKI, compared to 20-30% for other platform tokens. BIKI token follows the 4 principles of “daily buyback, quarterly burn, tokens in locked position, steady deflation”. This motto guides the platform’s goal of bringing value to BIKI. Since inception, BiKi has a maximum supply of 1 billion BIKI. 39.75% has been burnt to date, and BiKi will continue to burn until it reaches 100 million BIKI tokens. By reducing the supply, restricting liquidity and increasing use cases for the BIKI token, the value of BIKI is guaranteed to appreciate overtime.

Present Products

BiKi has unveiled a multitude of products to date for users to enjoy earning or trading crypto on their platform.

Global Community Managers programme

BiKi has launched a global community manager programme. Vietnamese users who have connections to networks and followers can apply here to be a global community manager and benefit from attractive rewards.

We are recruiting for our Global Community Managers programme. Attractive rewards to be earned!

VND on BiKi Fiat

In order to cater to a growing Vietnamese audience, BiKi has opened fiat to crypto services for VND, and users can now purchase USDT with just one click. It will be easier for users to trade cryptocurrencies and with the fiat on-off ramp option on, just go to “BiKi Fiat” to begin. BiKi also welcomes Vietnamese merchants to take part.

VND BiKi Fiat
Purchase USDT with VND in just one click


The most recent update to products offered on is the BiKi Perpetual Contract which was launched on 2020/03/02. Currently, BTC/USDT, BTC/USD, ETH/USDT and ETH/USD pairs are open for contract trading (contract trading in EOS, XRP and LTC will be coming soon). The BiKi Perpetual Contract features up to 150 times of leverage to open position, lower maker and taker trading fees, as well as zero clawback and margin mechanism with 100% flexible settlement of profits. BiKi also provides tutorials on the website to ensure traders are well-informed of their decision. 

Contract Trading with Up to 150 times of leverage

Leverage (Margin)

Highly aware of the market volatility in cryptocurrency trading where forced liquidation is common, BiKi uses a position-by-position leverage model to reduce investor risk. With full-position leverage, a trader can easily lose everything, hence BiKi’s position-by-position model was developed to effectively control losses, where the profit and loss of each position does not affect funds in other accounts. Its leverage trading service marks the latest user-oriented feature of the exchange, optimizing opportunities for the platform’s users to benefit.

Leverage Margin
A position-by-position Leverage model to reduce your risk

Leveraged ETF

Leveraged ETF is a trading product that tracks the increase/decrease amount of the underlying asset (such as BTC) with certain times (such as 2 times, 3 times, or -1 times, -2 times).

The leveraged ETF product is essentially a fund managed by a professional financial team. A professional team is responsible for the management and maintenance of the investment portfolio, allowing investors to easily build their own constant leveraged investment portfolio without needing to understand the specific mechanism.

Leveraged ETF, up to 3x with one click

BiKi Mining Pool With Up To 35% Annualized Returns

The BiKi Mining Pool includes a number of pan-asset management operations such as PoS Staking and wealth management for mainstream, platform and popular currencies, thereby responding to a diverse range of consumer financial needs. For the first phase, mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and the BIKI platform currency have been included. 

BiKi Mining Pool

Fast Loan

The BiKi Fast Loan is a service where you can pledge your digital currencies such as BTC, ETH and other popular currencies as collateral for USDT. Some of the core advantages include simple and convenient lending process with one of the lowest interest rates for borrowers. Fund security is of utmost importance to every user and is also a top priority for BiKi. BiKi’s transaction mechanism operates with high-level security and BiKi uses a completely offline multi-sig to store private keys.

BiKi Fast Loan

Potential To Grow

In Q3 2020, BiKi will open the public financial chain which Ethan Ng, CEO of South East Asia strongly feels will be one of the core aspects in future financial institutions in the blockchain space. BiKi will ensure that it is providing the utmost benefits for its users by providing an increasing lineup of financial services and products for the DeFi economy, including new and innovative ways to trade on the platform. Headquartered in Singapore, BiKi.SG is also in the process on getting their license according to the Payment Services Act (PSA) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Users can look forward to BiKi as a diversified exchange that become the financial core of the blockchain industry.


BiKi has been a strong contender in the exchange space, despite being a relatively new exchange. The unique features they offer take care of both projects and users, alongside innovative ways to invest in crypto. Currently, BiKi is striving to become a regulated exchange in Singapore and focus on their goal of growing in Vietnam. Let’s enjoy the features and benefits of using by signing up for an account.

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[1] Based on CoinMarketCap


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