Binance – BNB is now the world’s largest non-open source token

According to Themerkle’s April 24 issue, the currency chain has not yet published the full open source code, which may bring a lot of problems.

As is the case with the cryptocurrency industry, each time a new project is launched, someone will first be suspicious of the project.

The start of the coin chain and its completion of the currency-switched network have continued for two weeks, and the continued success of the BNB token has caused widespread concern. The coin chain will start in a few days, but it has never published complete open source code, and many people want to know what the current plan is. Also, since the currency security was in the previous currency, it did not welcome the non-open source blockchain project. This made many people think that the project on the currency will be better, but the open source situation of BNB makes people have to doubt whether BNB will Violation of the currency’s own values.

More specifically, most cryptocurrencies and tokens running on their own local chain will carry some complete node software. Network participants set up these nodes to spread transactions and ensure that the network is acting according to the plan. However, the currency security has already launched its main network this week, but there is still a lack of an open source full node software repository, which is a bit disturbing.

In addition, Twitter users said on April 23: As the BNB token “migrates” to the new chain launched today (the currency chain), the BNB itself may no longer meet the currency (unofficial) currency. Policy, because nodes are not open source, and they will not have other tokens that are not available in source code.

However, netizens are worried about this: Does it mean that if Coin Security decides to unilaterally move $BNB from one account to another without controlling the private key, there is no complete node to make these state transitions? invalid……


The lack of a complete node source code raises another interesting issue. Previous projects have shown that they are willing to move from Ethereum to the currency chain in the future, but the current situation is not very optimistic. Especially if these projects don’t see any code snippets related to the coin chain or its complete node, anyone may have doubts.

Then if it is really at a critical juncture, the new chain of the coin chain will be launched without the complete node code of the open source, which may cast a shadow over the whole project, and it will also make BNB violate the currency itself. The principle of the previous token or other assets (unofficial). The reason is unofficial, because the currency security did not issue an announcement to indicate the attitude, but it seems that the currency avoids the project without open source code of the complete node.

Since the coin chain has just been launched, there may still be many problems that need to be solved early by the coin security team.

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