M Chain Announced The World’s First Launch of M(M Chain) on Exx Exchange

According to market conditions and the suggestions of users, M will be opened for deposit on Jan. 14,2019. It is planned to open M/USDT trading market at 20:30, Jan. 15, 2019 Beijing time, and users can prepare for deposit in advance. 

       M Chain is a global Nijigen IP digital asset exchange platform based on blockchain technology, which is built by M Foundation (MCF).It is committed and dedicated to transform the digital asset, transparency and openness of the global secondary IP industry.

The chain technology and application will optimize the market elements and realize many application scenarios such as rapid incubation of secondary IP projects, global issuance of IP project derivatives and IP equity exchange. At present, M Chain have created an ecological closed loop of M copyright trading platform, Jigen pocket, M GAME, M Fan Foundation, and M-Commerce.

World’s First ACG Big Entertainment Digital Platform – M Chain


M Chain will incorporate the secondary IP creators, developers and exchangers to create a global Nijigen IP digital asset exchange platform that integrates the secondary IP, M Token, big data and fan community.

       Total issued amount:1000000000

       White Paper Network:https://mtop.one/html/MChainV1.3.pdf

       Official website link:https://mtop.one/

Source : Press Release


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