Milestone Reached for AsiaTokenFund (ATF) as it Chooses BiKi Exchange for Premiere Listing

– AsiaTokenFund explains its choice for BiKi Exchange as the first exchange to list its native token, ATF

– AsiaTokenFund (ATF) had over 10,000 mobile app downloads in 3 days of launch.

– At the time of writing, BiKi exchange has 1.5 million registered users and 130,000 daily active transactions.

Recently, there has been an exponential increase in exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry. Newer projects no longer have a clear-cut exchange to choose for the premiere listing of their tokens. Apart from the top 3 exchanges, Binance, OKEx and Huobi, which are increasingly difficult and expensive to list on, many projects and users alike are unaware of up and coming exchanges that could rise against the top 3.

Coincidentally, AsiaTokenFund seeks to solve this very problem—the problem of too many exchanges and too many wallets. ATF combines all these platforms into an all-in-one mobile application comprising of blockchain news, live market analysis, cryptocurrency wallet, OTC (Buy & Sell from Fiat-to-Crypto), Mobile e-commerce, Scan & Pay at merchant shop in crypto.

“In just 3 days of launching, we had over 10,000 ATF mobile app downloads. We are confident to serve millions of users in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. Our main objective is to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency by making the navigation of handling cryptocurrency easy for new-to-crypto users. For a new user, the world of crypto will be at your fingertip!”  Quote Ken N, Co-Founder & CEO who founded ATF in Singapore in 2018.

About ATF and their Mobile App

Asiatokenfund has chosen to list its token, ATF, for the first time on BiKi, one of the most popular exchanges in China. The exchange has over 1.5 million registered users, 130,000 daily active transactions and is ranked top 20 in the world in less than a year.  

Similarly, ATF has already over 80,000 registered subscribers with close to 10,000 app downloads in three days. Within a short period, ATF has become one of the most popular platforms in Southeast Asia– having strong communities in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines. At the rate ATF is going, they could achieve over 100,000 app downloads within 6 months and 1 million app downloads within 2 years. Most notably, AsiaTokenFund’s Facebook page has over 140,000 followers, an impressive feat considering Facebook’s ban on cryptocurrency.

Unlike many other projects in the industry, ATF does not depend on any investors’ funding or any ICO prior to launching the finished product.

“The founders at ATF believe in not over-promising any investors or trying to find funds to fulfil their ambitions.” Says Says Ken N, Co-Founder and CEO of AsiaTokenFund.

With hard-work and dedication, the team managed to self-fund and launch the finished product in both Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

BiKi Exchange Listing on 17 July

BiKi acknowledges ATF’s hard work and accomplishments. On 17 July, ATF will officially be listed on BiKi. Since BiKi is careful in selection of projects to list, as evidenced in having listed most of the top 100 tokens, projects, such as ATF, who are listed are extremely popular or have great potential.

“ATF decided to list and partner with BiKi because it sees BiKi as the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange with an eager to expand its footprint in Southeast Asia. This is in line with ATF current userbase which majority are from this region.” Says Ken N, Co-Founder & CEO of AsiaTokenFund (ATF).

Listing on BiKi is a milestone reached for ATF. They are now set to accomplish great things beginning with penetration into the cryptocurrency market in China, where BiKi has over 50,000 active community members, led by over 1000 community partners, 5 of which have over a million followers, thereby accumulating over USD 1.5 million worth of transaction fees in June alone. Biki has also provided ATF with free news publications to Jinse Finance, the top cryptocurrency news site in China.

BiKi is seen as the benchmark for token quality and excellence. Only projects listed on BiKi are deemed worthy of investment, especially in the eyes of Chinese cryptocurrency traders, who according to Investopedia, “before a ban against bitcoin trading was instituted in the country, accounted for over 90% of trading volumes in cryptocurrencies”, most whom now transcend borders for trading. These Chinese traders judge a project’s quality based on the exchanges they are listed on. If the project is listed on an increasingly popular and fast-growing exchange like BiKi, it is a more valuable investment to them.

ATF SuperNode Program

From now till 16 July 23:00, you can take part in ATF’s SuperNode Program. The more you HODL, the more you can win! By the time the contest closes, users with 1000 ATF in their wallets will receive additional 5% rewards every time they make a sale. Similarly, users with 100,000 ATF will receive 30% additional rewards.

ATF Giveaway Campaign with BiKi

There are three ways to receive ATF airdrop from 17 July to 23 July:

  1. Register: Users who register a BiKi account at, complete KYC, join BiKi’s English telegram group at will receive ATF airdrop. If users refer a friend to do the same, they stand to receive more airdrop.
  2. Deposit: BiKi users who deposit ATF can get 10% bonus ATF after completion of this form
  3. Trade: BiKi users with the most number of ATF transaction orders with the total net transaction volume not less than 500 ATF shall share 58,000 ATF in proportion to their trade volume. An additional 10% bonus will be given to the users with the highest total number of transaction orders. Rewards can be claimed after completion of this form

The Common Dream of Bringing Crypto To The Mainstream

By simplifying the ecosystem of token economy with a single app, AsiaTokenFund aims to bring in more non-cryptocurrency users into the industry. With more new-to-market users, there could be an increase in the overall market sentiments of cryptocurrency for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

“ATF and BiKi have very similar goals of Bringing Crypto To The Mainstream.” Says Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia.

“As the market saturates, the best way to expand is beyond the crypto market, and into the mainstream. I respect ATF and Ken’s goals, and I would like to congratulate them on this milestone reached.”

Future Developments

After listing with BiKi, users can expect ATF’s next development to be their own exchange, which is already in its testing phase. Once launched, users can start crypto-to-crypto trading, which will add value to ATF’s already existing fiat-to-crypto OTC feature. In the next stage, similar to how Facebook evolved to open an e-commerce marketplace on their platform, ATF will open an e-commerce in-app marketplace platform where users can list their products for sale and accept payment in cryptocurrency.

Some Overview of AsiaTokenFund (ATF) Mobile App Now available for download in any app store

ATF Provides both Quick Snippets News and Headline news of blockchain & FinTech industry.

ATF App provide REAL-TIME Market analysis and insights on cryptocurrency and exchanges

ATF App allows users to securely store their cryptocurrency assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and other ERC 20 compatible tokens.

ATF APP allows users to buy & sell their cryptocurrency by using fiat money securely. OTC in Fiat-to-crypto

ATF App allows user to pay at retail merchant shops using cryptocurrency. Merchants are able to receive payments immediately.


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