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Taking place at Sheraton Saigon on Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10/2019 –  MXC PARALLEL CITIES Ho Chi Minh, which was co-hosted by MXC, Genesis Group, Brink Asset, Tokenmania,TREELION, XMAX & BlockAce as the organizer, has successfully kicked off VBSession series by attracting more than 200 guests in blockchain and crypto industry to join, connect, share and celebrate the prosperous and substantially promising Vietnam blockchain market.

Commencing the conference was the opening speech of Amanda – Marketing VP of MXC – one of the top 10 trading platforms in the world.

During the speech, Amanda emphasized MXC’s recent achievements such as 3 million registered users, 600 million daily trading volume,  more than 200 trading pairs… Moreover, she shared some thoughts about MXC Parallel City – a series of offline activities by which MXC hopes to create an occasion for blockchain lovers and professionals to meet and share their passion, establish long-term relations as well as build a strong solid blockchain community around the world. MXC Parallel Cities will not stop until the end of December 2019 after complete 10 amazing events in 10 different cities around the world.

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Following up, Joy Lou – Founder of Tokenmania came on stage and absolutely impressed us with her humble and smart manner. In contrast to the humbleness of the founder, Liquidity Capital (LC) is backed by one of the world’s leading crypto asset management groups with over 40,000 BTC of proprietary capital under management. The quantitative trading teams contribute over 3% volume in mainstream crypto trading markets and trading strategies which enable them to preserve and grow their crypto assets in over 150 cryptocurrencies.

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Riconi You – Founder of FINWEX and Vice President of TREELION Foundation took on the show with his passionate sharing topic “Green digital assets” – the keyword plays as the compass for TREELION to grow further as he and his team have been building his blockchain and digital asset system around the green economy. At the end of the speech, You did not forget to highlight that TREELION would support enterprise-level green asset registration, management, transactions, certification, and other services to solve the current pain points of the green economy. 

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The conference then welcomed Jenny – Director of Genesis Investment Banking to share about their three major projects: Genesis Capital, Genesis Labs, and Genesis Investment Banking. “Vietnam has the fastest growing economy in the world and a young energetic population. Genesis will continue to support project developments in Vietnam. We will continue to invest in quality projects, work with local institutions to incubate projects, and help bring resources together to facilitate the development of blockchain industry in Vietnam”, she shared her excitement for Vietnam blockchain market.

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Last but not least, Hughes Chings – CEO of Forise Capital came to share about the importance of Hash Rate and the team’s upcoming promising plans. Moreover, he also informed us of his now Positive Wheel effect of Hash Rate and their vision about Re- Decentralization of Hash Rate.

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An exciting panel discussion moderated by Anh Le – Founder & CEO of BlockACE has discussed several aspects regarding the insights into the Vietnam blockchain market. With the question “What do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of a blockchain project from or expanding to Vietnam market?”, Quang Nguyen –  Chief Operating Officer of VIC Group believed there should be more projects adopting blockchain technology with real-use-case. 

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Thuy Pham – Regional Business Development & Chief Representative of TomoChain concerned: “Vietnam, as of currently, is not having any law or regulations governing digital assets as well as a token which resulted in many barriers encountered by the projects wanting to debut in Vietnam”.

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Moreover, Christian – Global Marketing Manager of Conflux embraced on Vietnamese young population and energetic youth as a substantial advantage for Vietnam to prosper in this field. Tuan Anh – Vietnam Representative of MXC also agreed and suggested, we should have paid more attention to education on blockchain and the lacking of quality workforces.

Being asked about “What’s next for Vietnam blockchain?”, Quang Nguyen looked forward to welcoming Vietnam laws and regulations for the blockchain and crypto market to prevent potential frauds. As for TomoChain, Thuy shared about their team activities of educating blockchain knowledge, stimulating the exposure of more and more people towards blockchain.

From the angle of the top 10 trading platforms in the world, Tuan Anh-MXC representative in Viet Nam felt confident that in 1 to 2 years from now, the crypto market could “detox” with low-quality projects having to be out of business. “Blockchain is here and growing fast. It is an inevitable trend in the market, who does not familiarize himself with would be out of date.” And for this reason, the representative of MXC also believed that Vietnam would soon have suitable laws and regulations system regulating the blockchain and crypto market to keep up with this upsurging growth. Tuan Anh excitingly shared: “MXC has been developing OTC for Vietnam market since this September applicable for VND. Thanks to this, Vietnamese traders and investors can now be granted easy access to the global market as well as the Chinese market and be benefited from the various trading platforms.”

Discussing the suitable approach of educating blockchain to people, TomoChain was focusing on users’ experience, not only about how to enter the crypto market but also to make the real-life applications and create real values for token. “We would like to make Vietnam the next blockchain hub, just like Singapore, a blockchain hub of Asia”. On the other hand, Tuan Anh suggested ‘We should bring more exciting promotion on a trading platform, or a promising project to encourage them to get to know more about blockchain. Moreover, some of Vietnam’s universities are now introducing blockchain models into the curriculum as well as professional training in this field, which is a very exciting signal”. Christian was on the same page with him, and also shared from the angle of a foreign project “We should make the user experience as simple and easy as possible. The recent KYC process alone is too complicated and “special” for many people. You want to scan something and pay for it but not when having so many steps. The word of mouth is awesome, when people use it, love it and they want to share with friends, everything should be simple so that people can easily start and register”.

Besides inspiring and informative speeches from the speakers, the conference also has two rounds of lucky draw and Kahoot game with the total award up to 2,010usdt worth airdrop which was meant to have the same symbol with Vietnamese Women Day 20th October, plus, the social media was viral with gifts to all MXC guests: Belgium chocolate with MXC & Bitcoin logos!! “Happy Women’s Day every day to all Vietnamese women” – Amanda, on behalf of MXC humbly sent the wish. 

Let’s revisit the beautiful moments at the event

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