OKEx redefines three modes of transaction interpretation unified account

Recently, OKEx has become the top trading platform with the largest volume at the end of the year thanks to the strong posture of a number of positive releases: first, the new Happy Friday is launched, and 20% of the platform’s weekly contract fee is issued every Friday, refreshing the industry activities. Feedback intensity. Moreover, OKEx will also launch a blockbuster product: Unified Account. At present, many well-known KOLs and professional traders in the industry have conducted internal testing, and have consistently given high praise. Some KOL believe that the unified account is a product with cross-age significance, which can solve the current transaction pain points and guide the development of the entire industry transaction ecology in a new direction. This article will introduce the three modes of OKEx unified account in detail to help you understand this product that redefines trading in advance.

Three modes to solve all-round trading pain points

OKEx unified account redefines trading, and it is by no means an empty slogan. Its emergence will completely solve many pain points that plague investors. According to the demo page, OKEx unified accounts are divided into simple transaction mode, single currency margin mode, and cross-currency margin mode. These three models will be aimed at traders of different levels and cover different levels of trading needs.

Simple transaction mode, mainly for novice users who are just getting started. Such users have insufficient understanding of market risks, and lack of sufficient understanding of the mechanism and application scenarios of leveraged products. They often do not have sufficient risk control capabilities and a good trading attitude. The simple transaction mode of the unified account only supports spot transactions and option purchase transactions, which has made sufficient risk isolation and provides a simpler and lower-risk trading environment for Xiaobai users. As we all know, the risk of spot trading is relatively low, and options are also known for their never liquidation mechanism. The two business lines included in the simple transaction model are undoubtedly the most suitable for novice users.

The single-currency margin model is mainly for users with sufficient trading experience and some institutional users. The single-currency margin model supports derivatives business lines such as spot, leverage and contract, and supports margin sharing between single-currency positions. In other words, the single-currency margin model optimizes the original account model, and combines the different accounts of previous business lines and currencies into one. On the one hand, users no longer need to perform cumbersome transfers of funds between accounts, reducing operating costs and improving transaction experience. On the other hand, users can realize margin sharing in a single settlement currency dimension, and transaction risks are measured by assets. For example: in the single currency full position mode, users’ BTC delivery contracts and perpetual contract margins are shared, users can better implement cross-market hedging and other trading strategies, and greatly increase their own capital utilization. 

The cross-currency margin model is mainly for mature high-level traders and institutional users. The cross-currency margin model supports the same business lines as the single-currency margin model, but provides a cross-currency full warehouse model to support margin trading in the asset pool dimension. In other words, it supports users to use non-mainstream assets as margin by mortgage loan. Although the logic and algorithm behind it are very complicated, the user’s front-end operation is very simple. In this way, users can not only achieve cross-market hedging, but also cross-currency margin trading, thereby improving the user’s capital utilization rate and reducing user transaction losses when swapping positions across currencies.

In addition, the unified account has two very attractive features: First, the unified account supports real-time settlement. The income obtained by the user margin exchange can be transferred out and realized in real time, which also contributes to the improvement of capital utilization. Second, the unified account can customize the page layout to configure the page that best fits your own trading strategy and attention information. It can be seen from the demo page that the unified account currently supports two layout modes: the classic layout is designed for professional traders who need complex trading functions and analysis tools; and the option layout is optimized to improve performance, reliability and speed. At the same time, users can also create layouts independently, and customize the combination of charts, depth, transactions, positions, orders, assets and other information. 

We can summarize the advantages of a unified account as:

1. Optimize the account, simple operation, reduce the user’s understanding cost and operation cost, and improve the fluency of transactions;

Second, realize single-currency cross-business margin sharing and cross-currency margin sharing, improve capital utilization, and facilitate user hedging.

3. Real-time settlement, profit can be carried forward quickly.

Unified account, born for trading

Because the design scheme and logic algorithm of the unified account are too complicated, it requires deep technical background and strong team support. Even for OKEx, which has always been dominating the industry with products and technology, it is not a simple matter. Because the unified account carries a major mission, its goal is to optimize the trading account structure that has existed for several years and solve the long-standing trading pain points. It is reported that in order to accomplish this feat in the industry, OKEx has come up with the industry’s top luxury lineup. Many experts at home and abroad jointly built a design plan, and then the OKEx technical team took several months to build it.

For OKEx, the unified account solves the transaction pain points of complicated accounts and limited capital utilization, greatly improves the user’s trading experience, and is a blockbuster product that enables the platform to achieve a leap. From then on, OKEx is bound to continue to lead the industry with products and technologies that have been leading the industry for more than one year, and gain more traffic under the influence of the oligopoly effect.

For the entire industry, the advent of the unified account is also of far-reaching significance. In a competitive market, there are always only a few examples of bad money driving out good money. Only a solid foundation and a platform based on products and technology can become a winner after a big wave. OKEx is the first to launch a unified account, which will inevitably trigger a wave of account optimization in the industry and trigger many platforms to imitate. If you do not choose to chase, then losing in the competition is only a matter of time. This healthy competition driven by OKEx will enhance the trading environment of the entire market, and ultimately promote the technological advancement of the industry, so that all users will become real beneficiaries.

Adhering to the concept of product is king, insisting on practicing internal strength is certainly a long way to believe in, but the rewards of persistence are equally rich. OKEx is a living example: Since its establishment, OKEx has always placed product technology and user experience in an important position, strives to build a leading technical team in the industry, continuously improves the technical level, and continues to polish products with an attitude of excellence, and launches lightning. Blockbuster products such as systems, counter systems, and brand-new risk control systems create the industry’s top trading experience, and system performance also leads the industry.

Relying on the advantages of products and technology, OKEx has achieved many remarkable results: For example, OKEx is the industry’s first one-stop trading platform, sitting on the most comprehensive trading matrix and rich trading options. OKEx is also the industry’s first trading platform that has maintained a stable and smooth flow despite several extreme market conditions. When the unified account is officially launched, OKEx will become the first exchange to support mixed margins for the five major business lines across business lines/cross currencies. These achievements are also reflected in the data of OKEx’s business lines. For example: Skew data shows that OKEx’s BTC contract holdings have always ranked first in the industry, and OKEx’s option trading volume has also broken a new high.

Coinworld-OKEx redefines three modes of transaction interpretation unified account
Coinworld-OKEx redefines three modes of transaction interpretation unified account

The unified account is not only a heavy weapon for OKEx to continue to lead the industry, but also the starting point for the transformation of the industry’s trading system. How the unified account will lead the industry, let us wait and see.

Source: Bi World App


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