Overview of OKExChain Testnet Project

At the beginning of 2021, the creation phase of OKExChain’s first mainnet launch phase officially began, and OKT completed the creation and issuance. After that, OKExChain will complete the mainnet stability test, transfer function, and smart contract virtual machine activation.

According to news on March 4, OKEx CEO Jay Hao posted on Weibo that more than 30 test projects have been run on the OKExChain testnet, covering loans, stablecoins, Swap, NFT, DEX, browsers, wallets, derivatives, etc. Field of application.

Rhythm BlockBeats compiled the projects that have been deployed on the OKExChain testnet. Since they are still in the testnet state, some projects have not fully opened up all functions. However, it is reported that most of the projects have participated in OKExChain testing activities. Users can refer to this tutorial “Teach you how to learn OKExChain’s early project wool” to receive OKExChain faucet test coins for on-chain experience.

Loan agreement


The SupremX protocol (“SupremeX”) is an algorithm-based money market system designed to bring a completely decentralized financial-based lending system to OKExChain. SupremeX protocol users can provide a variety of supported cryptocurrencies or digital assets on the platform. These assets can be used as loans, collateral liquidity and APY earned, or to create synthetic stablecoins.

SupremeX Protocol Governance Token: SXC token, with a total supply of 500 million.

WePiggy (Piggy Deposit)

WePiggy is an open source, non-custodial crypto asset lending market protocol. In WePiggy’s market, users can deposit specific crypto assets to earn interest, and they can also pay a certain amount of interest to borrow certain crypto assets. In March, WePiggy announced its landing on OKExChain and started loan mining and liquidity mining on OKExChain.


Lemond is a decentralized, open source, autonomous, and non-custodial liquidity market protocol in which users can participate as depositors or borrowers. The agreement will open airdrop activities in the future.

Fruition Finance

Fruition Finance is an open source decentralized protocol based on Ethereum. It supports the cross-chain of ERC20 assets in a cross-chain bridge, combined with a lossless liquidity mining mechanism and its own oracle data integration function.

Users can borrow cryptocurrency by locking assets in smart contracts to meet users’ short-term financing needs and find a way out for idle funds. It has three advantages: short time, strong liquidity and low risk. Fruition Finance’s market positioning is to provide a global lending platform with oracle functions for digital assets on the chain.


DeFiner is a non-custodial digital asset platform that has been established for three years. It is a true peer-to-peer network that supports savings and lending functions through blockchain technology. Its biggest role is to provide liquidity and activate assets. DeFiner’s capital end focuses on serving users who have idle stablecoin crypto assets and pursuing stable income, while the borrowing end focuses on serving crypto/blockchain industry companies and individual users that have capital needs.

In October 2020, DeFiner completed the distribution of FIN tokens. Through the FIN tokens, the DeFiner ecological network will transfer its three rights and interests distribution, loan mining, and governance voting to the ecosystem such as developers, operators, investors, The user waits for all participants to win.


Klend is a decentralized lending agreement that currently provides USDC, DOTK (DOT), FILK (FIL) and OKT lending services.



The GoSwap protocol is a decentralized transaction, driven by the community, and was previously created based on the HECO chain. Its governance token is GOV. Under the governance of DAO, GoSwap allows users to pledge GOT into the contract to obtain GOV. The minimum requirement for GOT pledge is 10,000.


GeGeSwap is a trading platform deployed on OKExChain, which can provide instant transactions and very low transaction fees.


UCHAIN ​​is a decentralized blockchain chain that uses multi-layer technology and a decentralized database. In this decentralized architecture, two token mechanisms are set up, namely UGG and UDC. UGG is a decentralized trading platform token. And UDC (Universal Decentralized Currency) is used to pay transaction fees and computing services. Users can send UDC to other users, and developers can write smart contracts to receive, hold, and send UDC.


KSwap (KSwap Finance) is a decentralized trading platform based on OKExChain that supports liquid mining and transaction mining mechanisms, and is committed to providing users with token exchange, liquidity, transaction mining and other services in the OKEXCHAIN ​​ecosystem. KSwap pass: KST; total issuance: 1 billion, of which 800 million will be used for mining incentives.

DEX+Farm and derivatives

King KongSwap

King KongSwap is a decentralized trading platform based on the automated market maker (AMM) mechanism, dedicated to providing diversified asset exchange, liquidity mining and other services for the OKExChain ecosystem. King KongSwap was initiated by the NAX.ONE technical community, and Nebulas Lab participated in the incubation. Support multi-asset exchange and liquidity mining such as OKT, OKB, KKT, NAS, etc.

King Kong Swap pass: KKT; total issuance: 100 million.


PandaSwap is also a decentralized trading platform based on the automatic market maker (AMM) mechanism and running on the OKEx chain. At the same time, PandaSwap provides liquid mining activities. Users can obtain their token PND through liquid mining, earn PND through investment, and even earn more tokens through liquidity pool.

PandaSwap Pass: PND, a total of 100 million pieces. PandaSwap has not yet announced the token contract address, and will wait for the release of the OKExChain mainnet after the development is ready.


UKSwap is a decentralized trading product that automatically makes markets based on the OKexchain ecosystem, and provides liquid mining at the same time.


CherrySwap is an automatic market-making agreement based on OKExChian, which will provide sustainable liquidity support for the OKEx public chain and help users obtain the greatest value dividends. CherrySwap will start test mining on March 9, and participants will have the opportunity to receive token airdrop rewards. Prior to this, CherrySwap had completed a strategic financing of US$3 million.

CherrySwap Pass: CHE, a total of 1 billion pieces.


Kiswap is the first DEX application on OKExChian. It basically follows Uniswap’s AMM mode and liquid mining mechanism, but it relies on a different underlying chain. Platform pass: KIS.

Decentralized asset bridge 


BoringDAO is a fully decentralized asset bridge that operates as a DAO. It will allow any blockchain with smart contracts such as Ethereum to become a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin, making BTC and other assets programmable.

BOR is its usage token and governance token, which can be obtained through “coin mining” and “liquidity mining”.



BitKeep is a decentralized digital asset wallet that provides users with a professional one-stop service. It has supported more than 47+ mainstream public chains and 23,000+ currencies.


TokenPocket is a digital asset management and wallet technology service provider that provides C-end users with a complete product line of blockchain wallets, including mobile wallets, desktop wallets and hardware wallets.


ONTO is the official data wallet of Ontology, which realizes one-stop self-management of your own identity/data/asset information, making user data a valuable asset that can be controlled independently.



NFT-Hero.com is an NFT mining platform, which is now connected to the OKExChain testnet. NFT-Hero.com uses Water Margin 108 heroes as its story background. Users collect 108 hero cards to increase combat power and dig out platform governance Token SH.



ADAMoracle is the first decentralized oracle network on OKExChain. Provide safe and reliable price data on the chain for the DeFi protocol, and become the data entry of the blockchain world. One of ADAMoracle’s core partners and investment institutions is the storage public chain YottaChain, which has 21 master nodes, 105 super nodes, and 1,000 ecological nodes. This will provide ADAMoracle with a complete node infrastructure. Once the project is launched, it will have a complete foundation. The facility structure can provide developers with stable and continuous services.


ROIMI (Chinese name: glutinous rice)

ROIMI focuses on the development and operators of blockchain games, especially NFT games. Its partners include French SFR (Vodafone), Orange France Telecom, Facebook and Google Play, etc. At present, the project has also started mining activities. Users who participated in the OKExChain testnet activities can complete the mining process during the testing of this project. The wallet passes the mining Claim to KKT as the test is successful, and the wallet address will enter the active whitelist. .

Trading derivatives


Hypro.io is a universal solution that will allow everyone to invest any amount of funds at any time, while providing high liquidity, low fees and fast transaction speed. Hypro.io’s algorithm team also provides index portfolios for investing in digital assets and manages management strategies.

Source: Block Beats


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