South Korea’s per capita encryption investment amounted to US$6,000, and 50-year-old and above investors are the main players in the market.

According to reports, in terms of encrypting digital currency, South Korea’s per capita investment amounted to US$6,000, and investors around the age of 50 invested an average of US$11,000.

According to a survey conducted in December 2018, 7.4% of the 2,500 respondents surveyed said they had “some encrypted digital currency”, which was higher than last December 2017. 1%.

It is important to understand that in

December 2017, Bitcoin has just climbed to a record high of nearly $20,000, and in December 2018, when the survey was conducted, Bitcoin prices reached a low of $3,200, which most people think is The bottom of the bear market. Since then, Bitcoin has been steadily rising.

It is understood that investors around the age of 50 invest the most in the encryption market, with an average investment of 11,000 US dollars, followed by investors 30 to 40 years old.

Respondents who did not participate in the cryptocurrency investment said they did not consider investing in the near future because of concerns about price volatility and hacking.

It is worth noting that South Korea established a special working group on crimes against encrypted digital currency last month, in response to the growing wave of crime in the country’s encryption field.

The data shows that there were 53 criminal cases related to encrypted digital currency in 2016. By 2017, this number jumped to 453. Last year, the country reported 4,591 cases to the authorities.

In addition to criminals, large companies in the country have also shown strong interest in encrypted numbers.

According to reports, the country’s telecom giant KT will develop an encrypted digital currency for use in Gimpo.

It is understood that the Korean authorities have adopted fairly strict regulations on encrypted digital currency. For example, ICO is prohibited in the country.

Not long ago, there were reports that officials in the country were considering re-examining the relevant regulations.


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