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What are the biggest challenges your startup has faced when entering the blockchain industry?

NodePlus is a global marketing company serving for blockchain enterprises. Node Capital and ChainUP are the most directly related enterprises, but their business models are quite different. How to support enterprises to establish global business networks, how to establish different strategies according to different development goals of enterprises, and how to cooperate with different team members, partners and customers of different cultures across the country, pose great challenges to the team.

As for ChainUP, leading Global Provider of Blockchain Solutions, it was found in 2017. Firstly, the biggest challenges it faced were a brand influence and how to get trust from customers. As ChainUP has a very experienced team, leading technology, and reliable security, it gradually gained a very good reputation and attracted more and more blockchain companies to use ChainUP systems. In the past two years, ChainUP has no security issues occurred. Currently, ChainUP has 150+ exchange customers and 20+ wallet customers. The user distribution countries including China, Japan, Korea, US, Canada, etc. Now ChainUP has become a very influential technology company in Asia. As for now, the biggest challenge for ChainUP is brand globalization. So this year we will put emphasis on ChainUP overseas business and brand influence.

Ms. Jade Chen (speaking) being a panelist in BIT Vietnam

About Jade Chen

Founder of NodePlus, Global Marketing Director of ChainUP, Node Capital

Jade Chen has held a series of blockchain conferences all over the world and had served nearly 100 blockchain projects. she is good at marketing operation,business incubation and global business development.Jade has worked in CCTV(China Central Television), Sohu.com and other core media, possess experience and resources. Graduated from the International and Cultural Communication, Zhejiang University, researcher of MIT Corporate Performance Research Center, global perspective of blockchain.

ChainUP & Node Capital’s profile

Node Capital is a venture capital company focusing on blockchain industry. It is also one of the world’s earliest professional investment institutions of blockchain industry layouts. Node Capital has invested more than 160 enterprises, and the number keeps growing rapidly. The portfolio of Node Capital encompassed projects from every corner of the blockchain ecosystem,such as exchange, media, digital asset transactions, crypto asset wallet, technology development and application, blockchain data mining and analysis. Node Capital portfolios include Huobi, ChainUP, Bgogo, Bitemple, B+, Baic, Zipper, Jinse Finance, Coldlar, Fcoin, Scry ,IOST, Zilliqa, etc.

ChainUP is a world-leading Blockchain technology service provider. It provides global digital asset trading system, wallet service system, AUROR exchange situational awareness system, public Blockchain, consortium Blockchain and other blockchain technology solutions. With the vision of “be the most trustworthy fintech company in the world” and the mission of “continuously create value for clients”, ChainUP provides customers with a safe, stable, reliable and global one-stop service from infrastructure to accurate operation, based on the technology exercises of massive business. Now, ChainUP has more than 150+ exchange customers,20+ wallet customers. User distribution countries including China, Japan, Korea, US, Canada etc. Daily turnover can reach more than 20 billions+ USD. We provide 7 days/week and 24 hours/day technical support service. So far, no security incident has occurred.

ChainUP has provided our core exchange solution to more than 20 countries with 20 client exchanges are ranked in Top 100s and 5 client exchanges are ranked in Top 50s on Coin market cap.

April 2019, ChainUP is planning on establishing R&D and industrial fund in Singapore and invest in technology sector of Global exchanges.

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