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Q: Josh has been an early adopter in blockchain since 2011. From the very start until now, he has gained many achievements in the field. Especially, he is the founder of BlockMavens and CMO at Ghost Talk SCC.

Josh, your company is BlockMavens which provides marketing consultation services for companies in the blockchain space. Can you share with us some basis to have a successful marketing campaign?

A: The number one thing is whether your product actually serves your marketplace, so you need to have something unique and interesting first then you can really focus on highlighting those features. The next thing is to build a community. There are different ways to do that, you can focus only on digital marketing if you wish, but I think the right combination is offline marketing with events like what I’ve attended for the past few weeks and then combine that with online marketing campaigns. I think you can do bounty programs. It’s quite interesting if you’re using an ERC20 token. However, attracting bounty hunters might not be good for your eco-system. So I think there are different ways you can approach the market, it all depends on what your product is, and what you are trying to do in your marketplace.

Q: How many projects have you worked on so far?

A: Actually, it varies, because I have been working for several companies at the same time. Last year, I focused on just one company. We did a massive ICO. We raised about 40 million dollars in an ICO in May, then we spend a lot of time promoting that.

But this year, I have been really focusing on early-stage companies, trying to grow from no users to 10,000 users and expanding business opportunities.

Josh has presentation at BIT 2019 Vietnam
Telegram : https://www.t.me/Smartcryptocurrency.
Website : https://www.ghost-talk.io/

Q: Are you talking about Ghost Talk?

A: Yes, I am CMO at Ghost Talk. Now we have gained over 10,000 followers in telegram and it’s still growing all the time.

Ghost Talk is a disruptive social media application with the goal of protecting users’ data. It’s coming with new security-minded features like automatic deletion of the messages which allows users to ensure that all messages disappear immediately upon being read by the receiving party.

We use a decentralized payment platform to reward users of our social media messaging application using immutable smart contracts and cryptocurrency rewards. Any activity in the messaging app generates XSCC (Smart Coin token) rewards.

Besides, Ghost Talk reinvents the way platform’s participants are rewarded in a completely new model. A model that can address the current messaging apps with full GDPR-compliance (General Data Privacy Regulation). Our platform processes data only in accordance with data protection laws and based on pre-defined purposes, as well as taking comprehensive measures to protect personal data.

Q: The theme of this month is “why you, why me, why blockchain”. You’re running an agency for marketing strategy, so why should we choose your service?

A: Because I’ve been in this place for a very long time, I invite anyone to have a call with me for a consultation, first, always discuss your needs and figure out what you can do with me. When it comes to marketing it actually very straight forward to have the right people in place. We have the right team, the right people, right connections. Because the blockchain industry has been all over the globe, if you want to break into the market, you will need some quality relationships.

Website: thefacevietnam.vn

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