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A young man has a passion for technology while he was studying. He went to school while working on technology programming work when he was a university student. And that passion led him to Blockchain and he is currently the Chief Technology Officer of AVXChange, in charge of technology.

Mark, now there are so many projects going around the world, every day, a thousand projects coming up, so if you can summarize AVXChange in just one sentence, how will you talk about AVXChange

AVXChange is an audio and video file-sharing community with a token economy to reward all members for their role in the distribution of the files.

That is an audio and video file sharing and base on the token economy who contribute to your community. How do you solve the problem of the license of video and audio?

So we have seen the need in the market to create a platform that will not only allow people to get the files they love but at the same time, a platform that will reward each user for their role in the distribution of media files and of course, to compensate content creators for their works. Currently, there’s no other platform out there that do this. We give 60% to the content creators, 35% to the file distributors and 4% to the people who have maintained our blockchain network while the remaining 1% will go to our company for future development. By implementing a reward system, we wish to encourage people to move to our platform and reduce the number of existing uncompensated downloads.

So you’ve solved the license by allocating the token economy. This is the way you reward the content creators.

Yes, we are converting the uncompensated content creators to compensated content creators. As we compensate them, they will be able to create more content for us. As you can see, current P2P file sharing platforms out there do not compensate content creators while existing compensated options for audio and video downloads are still burdensome as some content creators receive very little to none. This issue is very rampant but they are often neglected. It’s really unfair for them. Our intention is to give content creators what they truly deserve and we believe that they deserve more.

One difficulty is to let our people understand about blockchain. Besides that, what are the difficulties you meet when you are running AVXChange?

For the past years, we’ve seen a lot of technological transformations right before our eyes and one of the most significant developments that the world has seen is blockchain. Blockchain technology has paved the way for the development of promising projects and business protocols. AVXChange took advantage of this revolutionary technology and lead the entry of blockchain in the world of P2P file sharing. Blockchain is a new industry and there are no experts to it because it is only 10 years old. Perhaps, the most challenging part is the lack of sufficient and reliable resources to study from so we really need to do a lot of research and even create our own solutions to meet our specific needs given that we are creating our own custom-built network system.

Mark Dave Manansala presentation at Blockchain Innovation & Tech Vietnam

So you have to work so hard, right?

Yes, of course. AVXChange aims for excellence and we want to provide the consumers with the best products and services we can offer them. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy stage. Remember, when the internet was born, nobody really believed in it but look around now, the internet is everywhere. People can’t live without it. That’s it. It’s the same with Blockchain technology, if you only put some extra time learning about it and implementing what you’ve learned, you will realize that blockchain is probably one of the most revolutionary technological developments as of the moment and it has the capacity to disrupt many industries. Through this, AVXChange will revolutionize the way we do file sharing.

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