The Chosen One – Ultrain Now Joins Amazon AWS Activate

NEW YORKNov. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — After the previous collaboration with Microsoft Accelerator established back in August, Ultrain, as a public chain project, is honored to be selected as a partner for the “AWS Activate China” program.

“AWS Active China” is an entrepreneurship support & acceleration program created by the internet giant Amazon. Designed to provide start-ups with free cloud resources and technical services, AWS Active help startups through select accelerators, incubators, Seed/VC Funds, and startup-enabling organizations. It also helps startup by delivering easy-to-use infrastructure that they need to scale and grow their business at any size.

For startups, the technical resources they need to get up and start sprinting are critical. AWS Activate allows startups not to be constrained by their resources, using pay-as-you-go cloud services to meet their rapidly growing business needs, while allowing these startups to focus on what matters — service customers and innovation. The AWS active Program meets the requirements of startups for technology, support, knowledge sharing, and other resources, making it easier to leverage the cloud to scale their business.

As AWS continues to invest in the Chinese market and helps to launch international entrepreneurial projects locally, it achieved its ultimate goal of helping entrepreneurs to expand their international horizons, strengthening globalization, and cultivating exceptional global scaled enterprises, as well as “unicorns”! Entrepreneurial projects that join the activate initiative benefit through the global entrepreneurial ecosystem created by AWS. Thousands of Chinese companies have received their support services through the AWS Activate China program and have accomplished great success, companies such as APUS, Avazu, camera 360, Globalegrow, Liulishuo (LAIX), Meiqia, Myou, Patsnap, Pingwest, Tuya, Xiaohongshu (RED), etc.

Ultrain is a technology company dedicated to the development of next-generation public chain blockchain, which positioned itself as a decentralized full-stack engine. Established in 2017, by former Technical Director of Alibaba security group Guo Rui, former Managing Director of Golden Brick Capital, head of Qihoo 360’s IOT investment Emma Liao Zhiyu, former Technical Leader/Chief Architect of Ant Financial’s blockchain team Li Ning, formal Core Architect from Alibaba’s Cloud OS team Shen Yufeng, former Cryptologist expert from Ant Financials’ blockchain team Wang Husen. Together they form a dream team that syndicates cutting-edge innovation theory, robust engineering implementation experience, and top-notch global capital and business operations capabilities. Furthermore, Ultrain has signed the world-renowned economist, a tenured professor at LSE and a board member of the Richemont Group, Professor Jin Qiuyu, and the co-founder of the famous short-video APP, Louis Luyu as consultants to further discuss how they could successfully build an innovative economy model and launch “killer apps” on blockchain.

Ultrain released their public testnet, permitted mainnet, as well as the three middleware components; customizable zero-knowledge proof, random number generator, quantum resistant wallet, and some other on-chain DApp demonstration. Ultrain proclaimed that its smart contract developer framework is now available open-sourced. As of now, there are over dozens of DApp being built on top of the existing Ultrain ecosystem. Since the testnet is now online, nearly a hundred developers have already deployed their smart contract on the development framework. Also, Ultrain was successfully selected by the Microsoft accelerator as an incubator project, receiving leading resources supported by Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform & services.

Besides, Ultrain has established 16 international community hubs and poses a strong presence online around the world. The kind of globalization that attracted the AWA in the first place, Ultrain is in the process of building a global community that connects international + local, online + offline, technology + application communities, representing a comprehensive development pattern for Ultrain’s global community.

Ultrain successfully joined the Amazon AWS Activate China Initiation, which symbolizes the Amazon AWS has official recognizes the past achievements and performance of Ultrain project. Since then, Ultrain will leverage Amazon AWS, the world’s top cloud computing service, to capture the resources needed to expand its international business better and create a right full-stack blockchain engine.

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