Vietnamese King Coffee Embarks On Its Donation Drive To Support Medical Workers In America Battling The Covid-19 Pandemic.

19th April 2020 – California USA- Vietnamese largest coffee producer and exporter King Coffee started their first phase of donation drive to Urgent Care centres & hospital in California to show their heartfelt boundless gratitude to the medical staffs who are battling tirelessly against the Covid-19 pandemic in America.

King Coffee USA Headquarter which is located in California started their donation drive in April following the footstep of its international headquarters in Vietnam, Singapore and China which contributed hundreds of thousands of Coffee products in their local countries and massive hit cities like Wuhan.

For King Coffee USA, their first hospital King Coffee donated is Memorial Care – Orange Cove Medical Centra which is a non-profit hospital aimed at attending to Covid-19 patients:

“We as the hospital are fighting every day to help Orange County fight COVID-19. Doctors, Nurses and many healthcare workers are coming to work every day to fight the front lines without asking for anything in return.” – said Memorial Care team.

Photo: Memorial Care – Orange Coast Medical Centre . Credit to Google Image

The second urgent care centre that King Coffee donated is MEDHERO Advanced Urgent Care:

“We are the first line for those feeling like they have symptoms by providing testing & care for
other issues like strep or flu. We are open 7 days a week ‪8am-8pm‬. Now we have tents set up in our lot to keep questionable COVID-19 patients in their car to be tested.” – said MEDHERO team.

Picture: King Coffee USA Headquarter warehouse preparing the donation products

King Coffee USA Inc has donated over 1,200 boxes of its Instant Coffee product which aims to provide the medical staff with additional boost of energy they need in their everyday duties.

Their USA headquarters will not stop there. King Coffee are continuing this community drive to reach out to more hospitals for the donation and hope to help as much as they can to fight this pandemic together.

Picture : Thank You note attached to the donated products

In the coming weeks , King Coffee USA will continue to reach out to other medical care facilities within California to continue the donation drive.

This CSR efforts are not only done in America, but King Coffee global offices are also carrying out similar activities world-wide starting from its founding country Vietnam and other regions such as Wuhan China, Singapore, South Korea and some parts of Europe as well.

Picture: King Coffee Headquarters in California, USA

For more information on King Coffee , please visit the following website.

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