BTC small V flip, funds have begun to layout low suction for mainstream currencies

In response to US lawmakers’ letter to dissuade Libra, Facebook has responded: David Licus, the head of Facebook Libra, posted a long article “Libra, 2 weeks in” on his personal Facebook. Some of the questions and misunderstandings Libra has encountered in the past two weeks. Interpretation, and his personal confirmation will be attended by the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee on Libra’s two hearings, the official statement is out, follow-up continues to follow.

BTC continues to pull back upwards today, showing a small V flip trend. The K line has already stood at 11,000 points, temporarily oscillating around the 10-day moving average, and there is the possibility of completing the flip in the vicinity of the small sideways platform 11900. From 14400 –9760 completed a 32% decline in six days, and the rapid jerk flip after the plunge has a relative comparison and reference in time, so the upper attack in this position gives relatively sufficient low suction time, and The gradual decline of the amount of energy and the high stagnation of macd also revealed that the rebound will not be achieved overnight. The strong momentum will have to wait for the 5-day moving average to wear, the Bollinger channel is inclined upward, and the K-line is supported by the Bollinger Middle Track. Steady upwards, the long-term moving averages are still clear and firm, and the long-term uptrend is stable!

ETH entered the sideways as expected, the K line is still around the middle of the Bollinger trajectory, the activity range is tightly between the 10-day moving average and the 5-day moving average, the 5-day moving average and the Bollinger middle rail are closely bonded, and today the K line has appeared to 10 The daily average’s upside, although not successful, but the multi-faceted attitude has been revealed, macd steadily down, the amount of energy reduction is still going on, the follow-up sideways consolidation of this currency will continue.

In the range between the 60-day moving average and the lower rail of Brin, the 5-day moving average is close to the 60-day moving average, and the bonding position forms a suppression on the K-line. Today, the K-line has moved to the offline position, and the macd is down. If you don’t change, the amount can still be reduced, and XRP is hard to get out of space in the near future.

Litecoin steadily pulled back under the leadership of Bitcoin. The K-line activity increased. Although the overshoot was blocked at the 30-day moving average, the suppression of the 5-day moving average was weak. The macd blue line was close to the zero-axis position. The possibility of wearing is not large, the amount of energy can not shrink and increase, the low-sucking funds have been active, and they are optimistic about continuing to pull back.

BK’s K line slowly rises slightly, and has stood up above the 5-day moving average. The 30-day moving average is the current pressure level. It is unlikely that the macd two lines will wear the zero-axis, but the amount of energy can be reduced. Will weaken the rebound and lengthen the rebound time.

The lower ring of the grapefruit coin continues to slant downward to expand the opening, but the K line is extremely reduced in amplitude, and does not continue to press down the lower trajectory of the Bulin. It has been undulating around the 5-day moving average, the macd red column continues to shorten, and the moving average is down. The short positions are still in place, and the amount of energy is still shrinking, and the low volume consolidation will continue.

The trend of ETC is similar to that of EOS. The opening of Brin is also expanding. The 5-day moving average and the 60-day moving average of the K-line are in a tight position. The short position of the moving average is clear. If the 5-day moving average is below the 60-average line, the pressure on the top will be higher. Adding a heavy weight, but the amount of energy is reduced, reducing the possibility of a fall after the consolidation, the short-term direction is not clear.

Source: Mars Finance


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