Vietnam stop – Jinsession No.29: Trading Outlook 2019


(Ho Chi Minh city) 29/5/2019 – Despite it was a rainy Wednesday night, SCPC’s hall in District 1 were covered by the crowded. “Jinse trading outlook 2019” which was co-host by Jinse Finance, Coinitime & BlockAce, gathered more than 10+ founders & leaders of cryptocurrency communities, brought together over traders from all over Vietnam, especially representative of Jinse Finance from China, Coinsuper from Hongkong, World Blockchain Forum from Singapore.

This was a warming night for traders to share their knowledge & experience of trading of their own perspective so there was no right or wrong answer here but it was our speakers’ personal identification about the market. Let together take a look at last night’s topic and what did they mention about:

Mr. Dong Pham – Founder of Saigon Trade Coin

Dong Pham – Founder of Saigon Trade Coin is presenting the market trend

Dong Pham’s slide of trader’s behavior

The speech of Mr. Dong Pham was all about “Psychological behavior in Trading”, clearly explained both the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis method, and traders are likely to make a decision based on the personal analysis on the fluctuation of market trends, and Dong Pham claimed that not many people speculated it right. “Logical” & “psychological behavior” are 2 main criteria dominate the decision making of traders. These are all about market prediction, judgment, and reasoning. He utilized previous examples of the market bubble in 2018, or traders decision making during a market crisis to clarify people behavior while trading and the reason why investors and traders always go against the market trends.

Mr. Dong Pham’s speech brought us precious information that ain’t any investor will be ready to share to us. Thanks to Mr. Dong Pham.

Mr. Nguyen The Vinh – CEO of VIC Group

Nguyen The Vinh – CEO of VIC Group during his speech

Mr. Vinh‘s presentation was more general about “Crypto market & Practical application”. He took a look back at the 1st quarter of blockchain market, which increased 16,23% total market capitalization, and showed some of the most promising tokens will rise within 2019. Bitcoin (BTC) isn’t an exception as its peak at 9000$ on May 27th, 2019 after a year of decline. He emphasized that 88% Bitcoin trading volume – recorded on Coinmarketcap – are all fake, which means that many huge investors from improved countries are gradually step in blockchain industry and effect on its pricing. His statements meant to prove that people interested in cryptocurrency are increasing and this market are rising.

Then, he gently introduces Vicion App – VIC Group’s new app for trading and tracking cryptocurrency trends. Many functions needed for trading, market tracking related and events information about blockchain or cryptocurrency are all displayed in the app and it really easy to use. Vinh also warmed up the crowd by organizing a minigame airdrop $10 for every right answer. The night is so much fun.

Mr. Do Van Thuat – Core admin of VNC

Do Van Thuat – Core admin of VNC is introducing his slides

Do Van Thuat’s slide of investing strategy

Mr. Do Van Thuat was the last speaker, discussed “Cryptocurrency: its nature & confusion, potential practical application”. Through his experience, while chasing the market and he said that even the market was uptrend but somehow he still lost, or if even he gained interest but still not much. Why is it? So before he got deeper into sharing his own experience, similar to Mr. Dong, he analyzed 2 analysis methods – Fundamental & technical to support his topic “Nature of cryptocurrency and its potential in investment”. He mentioned “Periodic investment” which applied a lot in the stock market and he showed his personal strategy in investing which he chose to invest in long term strategy more than chasing the market.

After the sharing from our speakers, there was a panel session for speakers and audience to communicate, chatting about the hot trend market or any question raised by the audience. The panel was lead by Chu Quang Minh – MC of the event.

Do Van Thuat – Core admin of VNC, Dong Pham – founder of Saigon Trade Coin, Nguyen The Vinh – CEO VIC Group & Chu Quang Minh – MC event (From left to right)

It’s really hard to tell what should people do during the market is uptrend, it all depends on the amount of assets people own, if they have more capital, they’ll invest more, for example, if people have the around several billion then they should have periodic strategy,” said Mr. Dong. “Identify the trend is also important before we make any decision” – add Mr. Thuat. The panelists hilariously moved around topics related to the current market, token price, and their strategies of selling & buying are all different, which created informative debate and interesting sources to listen to.

Lastly, we organized a minigame and delivered our little gifts to the audience

The audience gathered

Guests received airdrop at the end of the event

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