BiKi.com Announces Electroneum Listing with 6 Million ETN Giveaway


Global crypto exchange BiKi.com is proud to announce that Electroneum (ETN), one of the most innovative and trailblazing projects in the cryptocurrency space, will be listed on its platform.

Speaking of the ETN listing on BiKi.com, Ethan NgCEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, declares, “ETN is a very internationally established project and we are very honored they have chosen to list with us. As listing is just the beginning of our journey together, we look forward to growing with them, promoting their token brand name to our 2 million registered users, and launching a joint ETN giveaway campaign to celebrate this partnership!”

The ETN/USDT pair opens for deposits on February 19th at 18:00 GMT +8, trading commences on February 25th at 18:00 GMT +8, while withdrawals will be enabled on February 26th 12:00 GMT +8. In addition, a total of 6 million ETN will be given away in promotional activities as follows:

Activity 1: Deposit ETNs Fast for a Bonus Airdrop! 1,000,000 ETN Giveaway

Activity 2: ETN Trading Contest: 5,000,000 ETN Rewards

Equally enthusiastic about the listing partnership, Richard Ells, CEO and Founder of Electroneum, states, “We are very excited about listing on BiKi as it will increase the exposure of Electroneum to new users in Asia. We have seen a huge interest in ETN in Asia and are excited for ETN to be listed for trading on this innovative exchange. Our platform AnyTask.com allows freelancers to earn ETN and this partnership provides an easy way for people and companies to trade that ETN for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.”

“BiKi is the fastest growing exchange in the world, and we are one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies,” adds Ells. “We’ve followed the meteoric rise of BiKi since its launch in 2018. The team behind it has an incredible pedigree and they have taken it on a rocket ship trajectory of growth.”w, proprietary blockchain, amongst other trendsetting moves.


Launched in 2017, Electroneum has undergone intensive research and development to create a real-world crypto ecosystem. The UK-based ETN owns bragging rights of many firsts — the first cryptocurrency to comply with KYC/AML regulations; the first to introduce QR code-based instant payment system and a suite of e-commerce and API tools to enable integration; the first to work directly with a major mobile network operator (MNO); and the first to partner with global NGOs to be validators on its new, proprietary blockchain, amongst other trendsetting moves.

Empowering The Unbanked With M1

M1, rated 4.4 stars and awarded the Amazon Choice label, is Electroneum’s low-cost smartphone which is now sold in Cellcard shops across Cambodia. Its free Electroneum app allows users to top up airtime and data in multiple countries around the world using ETN. Without a bank account, the app allows marginalized people in the poorest countries to access funds transfers and purchase goods and services. With the new mobile app coming in 2020, Electroneum will enable people to pay their utility bills directly with ETN. Their AnyTask.com initiative enables the world’s unbanked to use credit cards and earn crypto.


Using their Unique Moderated Blockchain, which is powered by its proprietary Proof of Responsibility protocol, requires very little power. This makes it the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency blockchain in existence (by the number of transactions). In terms of real-world usage, it ranks within the top 10 global cryptocurrencies with more than 50,000 regular phone top-ups via ETN.

Largest ICO By Participation

With 3.6 million registered accounts, it also ranks within the Top 4 cryptocurrencies.

In September 2017, Electroneum launched their ICO to great success, closing early after achieving the maximum Bitcoin and Ethereum targets. The ETN ICO still holds the record for the largest ICO to ever take place by participant numbers, which was in excess of 115,000. The value of the Bitcoin and Ethereum raised was USD 40 million at the time the sale closed, with these funds presently being used to develop and promote the ETN ecosystem, supporting partnerships with NGOs, MVNOs, MNOs, corporates and retailers.


The only crypto that is building a non-profit online learning resource, TaskSchool, Electroneum aims to enable millions of people to acquire skills to sell simple tasks on their AnyTask global freelancer platform. For the first time, a crypto project has empowered people in developing countries to access the global digital economy without requiring a bank account. AnyTask is the fairest freelancer platform in the industry as it does not charge sellers of tasks any fees. Ells explained that within weeks since the launch of beta testing and, more recently, the soft launch, AnyTask has been immensely successful with nearly 100,000 sign-ups to the platform, with over 14,000 people signing up as sellers and over 1000 tasks listed.

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