Author: James Tan

On September 12th, the Global Media Blockchain Summit (G25T), hosted by BIMG, was launched at the Galaxy Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The summit was a grand event succeeding the G25T Hong Kong and Los Angeles stations. In addition to bringing together many international media participants, thousands of investors from many international organisations including IAP and GFX were present.

BIMG Secretary-General Ding Laibin said in his speech that the media’s role in the development of the industry is undeniable. Information disseminated can influence the decision-makers: investors, practitioners and regulators. Therefore, a good blockchain information disseminator is essential. The G25T Summit is dedicated to clearing industry’s turbulence, building a convenient, efficient and healthy environment for blockchain information dissemination.

Zhang Xiubing, chairman of Xuanya International, said that the necessary supervision in the current blockchain field is indispensable and that the government as a regulator should act in advance to allow the market and technology to operate under normal conditions. Concurrently, he reminded the blockchain project must firstly conform to the basic ethics and values, do the most basic things, and ensure self-discipline in the development process. With these two premises, the project can will grow and develop.

As a revolutionary technology, the blockchain has a broad application scenario, and the policy orientation also tends to encourage compliance with the use of new technologies to carry out the application and business. Thus, it will lead to the development of the real economy. As the underlying supporting technology of the digital economy, blockchain technology is expected to play an essential role in the integration of the digital economy, real economy and new kinetic energy for the digital economy.

Zhao Dong, a well-known investor in the field of the blockchain, said that with the development of the entire social productivity. The newer technologies will be generated from the mass, in a shorter the time. The formation of computers and the Internet has generally taken twenty or thirty years to evolve. The year 2018 marks the ten years anniversary for Nakamoto’ Bitcoin white paper. In the next decade, blockchain technology will be applied on a large scale and become the fastest growing technology.

Simon, chairman of the Hong Kong International Blockchain Finance Association, said that the combination of data economy and blockchain technology is widely used in financial scenes. From the perspective of financial innovation, regulation should achieve a consensus goal of “reducing costs and increasing productivity.”

Ding Laibin introduced that BIMG as the media alliance of the world’s largest blockchain industry, creating the world’s largest media camp dedicated to blockchain information dissemination. Through the five major business segments of media – pre-investment, post-investment management, news product creation, investment and financing docking and analysis and research reports- BIMG will create news alliance for the world of blockchain.

In July and August, BIMG held two summits in Hong Kong and Los Angeles and received an enthusiastic response from the industry. On July 19th, the “Global Media Blockchain Summit” hosted by BIMG, a global media blockchain alliance, and more than 100 mainstream media companies, including Forbes, was successfully held in the Financial Hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The summit gathered more than 100 media outlets around the world, and dozens of top industry executives participated. At the meeting, everyone witnessed the establishment of the “Global Media Blockchain Alliance” and the release of the “BIMG Hong Kong Initiative” and conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as the development prospects of the blockchain and industry trends, and has reached a consensus.

On August 11th, BIMG hosted the Global Media Blockchain Summit (G25T), which was officially opened at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). California Senators Robert Herzberg and experts and blockchain researchers from UCLA, IBM, Tsinghua University and the Renmin University of China respectively explored blockchain technology and applications.

BIMG hosted the third stop of the G25T Summit at Vietnam to focus on the combined effects of technology and investment on the ecology system. Thus, the discussion will build a fully interactive environment that global investors can utilise. Quality projects also promote the convergence of the digital economy and the real economy and foster new momentum in the development of the digital economy.


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