Author: Jagdish Kumar, India

India’s one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, BuyUcoin has announced that it has launched Blockchain powered job portal targeting employers to search right talent.

JobLana is a platform that gives opportunity to freshers and job seekers to get bench marked score based on test powered by Blockchain technology to bring themselves closer to more than 2000 recruiters for getting hired and also meeting companies demands to acquire the best talent, BuyUcoin said in a statement.

Explaining how this job portal will change the current online job portal work, the company said that currently, there are several existing job portals across India like Naukri, Shine, Monster etc all getting a huge amount of traffic from the Job Seekers but in the end, if we see a major percentage of candidates remain unemployed even when there are sufficient amount of jobs available from companies.

Our portal will end this and with the help to test score stored on Blockchain, so that any recruiter can check the test score of job candidate before taking a call on appointment. It will also provide recruiters a tool so that they get certain criteria to filter out the candidates who have applied for the job.

The data stored on the Blockchain remains totally immutable, irreversible and transparent to everyone and can be verified by any recruiter.

The test score of the new portal includes specific job role knowledge, talent assessment, cognitive thinking, emotional intelligence, English proficiency, problem solving and integrity of the candidate.

The company said that, JobLana already has a list of more than 40,000 qualified candidates evaluated using our innovative evaluation criteria with the ease of test powered by Blockchain technology and getting the best candidate without any of the hassles but with huge savings in cost and effort.

Every candidate should get a credibility to their profile based on their test score and get an equal opportunity when they are in front of the recruiter, the company said adding further it adds that this is the first step toward filling of the gap between job seekers and recruiters using the innovation of Blockchain technology.

Currently, we’re working on several other problems of this Job Industry so just wait there is a lot coming.


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