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In 2021, the National Two Sessions will come to an end, and the popularity of blockchain will remain. Many representatives and committee members put forward blockchain-related suggestions. According to statistics, in the local two sessions that just ended this year, 20 provincial administrative regions included blockchain in the 2021 government work report, and many provinces included blockchain in the local “14th Five-Year Plan”.

As the cornerstone of the digital economy, blockchain technology plays an important role. Yuan Yuming, CEO of Huobi China, believes that the blockchain will strengthen its connection with the real economy in 2021, and the “blockchain+” effect will build new application scenarios and give birth to new economic formats.

Use blockchain to build an efficient and collaborative ecosystem

Since 2020, governments across China have concentrated on releasing favorable policies. For two consecutive years, more than 20 provincial governments have mentioned blockchain in their government work reports. Governments at all levels across the country have issued a number of policies to support the blockchain industry. Industry sectors such as finance, urban management, agriculture, education, justice, food safety, and transportation have implemented the “blockchain+” policy layout.

This year’s National Two Sessions, the suggestions of many representatives and committee members pay attention to the innovative application of industrial blockchain and blockchain. Yu Xinwei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested that the use of blockchain features such as non-tamperability, traceability, and distribution to realize whether online game service providers implement real-name authentication, time management, consumption management, etc. in accordance with the requirements of the “Minors Protection Law” Relevant regulations implement supervision over the online behavior of minors.

Liu Feixiang, representative of the National People’s Congress and chairman of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group, said that the technical characteristics of blockchain decentralization, credibility, and high efficiency can be used to solve the problems of opaque information in the upstream and downstream industrial chains, complex industrial chains, and high trust costs. Provide an effective management environment and technical innovation support to build an industrial blockchain in the construction machinery industry, promote related companies to go on the chain, and establish an efficient collaborative ecosystem.

The proposal submitted by the Central Committee of the Taiwan League on “Reasonable Use of Blockchain Technology and Strengthening the Standardized Use and Management of Medical Electronic Data” mentioned that there are still lack of standardization and reliability in the collection, storage, and use of medical electronic data in actual work. , The lack of circulation of data, the security of data storage and the hidden dangers of user privacy and other issues. In order to make rational use of blockchain technology, promote the construction of medical information.

As an important part of new infrastructure, blockchain technology has the technical characteristics of distributed and multi-party collaboration. Yuan Yuming believes that it can promote data sharing, optimize business processes, reduce operating costs, improve collaboration efficiency, and build a credible system. Play a huge role. With the continuous development of blockchain technology and the continuous maturity of the market environment, policy support in 2021 will be more accurate and effective, and the industry’s leading effect will be further highlighted.

As a one-stop platform for “blockchain + industrial services”, Huobi China is committed to leading the industrial upgrading of the blockchain industry, empowering various industries with blockchain technology, relying on Huobi Research Institute, Huobi University, and industry Empowerment center, to create professional services for the full life cycle of the blockchain industry. Currently, blockchain empowerment practices are carried out in real estate, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, e-commerce, Internet of Things, tourism, intellectual property protection and other fields .

Deeply cultivate blockchain technology to create international competitiveness

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the “Notice on Soliciting Opinions on the 2021 Application Guidelines for 18 Key Special Projects including the “14th Five-Year” National Key R&D Plan “Blockchain””. “Blockchain” is a key special project to carry out application demonstrations in key areas and create an internationally competitive blockchain technology and industrial ecology.

2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. In the context of building a new domestic and international dual-cycle development pattern, China will further promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy, optimize the business environment for the development of the real economy, and improve Economic development efficiency, many provinces have incorporated blockchain into their local plans.

Technological innovation is triggering changes in business models, organizational methods, wealth patterns and even social relations. A variety of new business models and models such as online education, live e-commerce, online office, and unmanned economy are emerging, and the digital transformation of various industries in society is imminent. The global new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating the evolution. The rise of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and blockchain has continuously bred new industries, new formats, and new models, and the digital industry is ready to take off.

Looking forward to 2021, Yuan Yuming said that there may be four new trends in the blockchain industry. Policy support in the blockchain field will be more precise, the industry’s leading effect will be more prominent, the competition of the underlying application platform of the alliance chain will intensify, and the application of technology integration will be more precise. It will be more mature, which will build new application scenarios, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and give birth to new economic formats.

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