Pledgecamp, Next Generation Crowd Funding Platform Entering Asia-Pacific Market


Pledgecamp is a next-generation crowdfunding platform using blockchain technology. In the peak of the ICO in 2018, PledgeCamp became the talk of the town when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randy Zuckerberg, joined the main page as an advisor. Let’s take a quick look at the PledgeCamp and look at the possibility and prospects of PledgeCamp, which recently began to make inroads into the Asia-Pacific market.

Next-generation crowdfunding platform

In the USA, Kick-starter is currently number one, and latecomers like Indiegogo and GoFundme are scrambling to get into the crowdfunding platform. With more than 80 percent of China’s unicorn companies starting from startups, there are also a number of startups in the United States that are under the motto of the fourth industrial revolution, resulting in an increase in the number of start-ups initiated by young start-ups, and naturally, crowdfunding platforms for them.
In particular, platforms like Kick-starter are so centralized that the sponsors must be the residents from one of the 22 countries, where the sponsors must have major credit or check cards to participate in the funding. In contrast, the PledgeCamp is open to anyone from all around the world, and by setting up a special insurance mechanism called Backer – Insurance, we added safeguards between sponsors and fundraisers to ensure safety.

Klaytn’s Early Service Partner (ISP), PledgeCamp

Today, PledgeCamp has been chosen as the main partner in the financial sector of Kakao’s Klaytn mainnet Bao-bob, which is expected to be the first Asian to incorporate blockchain into real life. In particular, pledgeCamp was named as Klaytn’s initial service partner, ISP (Initial Service partner), and will be delivered with the official launch of Klaytn. Through the service partnership with Klaytn, which is expected to connect with Kakao Talk, the company aims to make its proven pledgeCamp project around the world easy for participants to participate in crowdfunding through the Klaytn platform and create a healthy funding ecosystem.

A number of partners and CMU Fund partnerships

It was already a hot ICO and project that involved more than 15 VCs and partners before the ICO stage. The ICO, which was usually invested early on, has rarely received additional investment since the project went public, but the company says it has partnered with CMU FUND in Beijing, which operates a $20 billion fund in U.S. dollars. Through a partnership with CMU Fund, the company aims to become the number one source of crowdfunding platforms in China, which has one of the world’s most active start-up markets, and will grow into a platform to discover and fund unicorns through the platform of Fleet.

Pledgecamp, listed on Binance dex

In addition, the company recently became the first to be listed on the Binance DEX, the de-centralized exchange of the world’s No. 1 exchange, and shared with Crypto-differ. In particular, Binance DEX has a policy of selecting top projects for each month and listing them on the main exchange, and the possibility of the company being listed on the Binance Exchange has also increased. Through a partnership with binance DEX and klaytn, the company announced its desire to enter the Asia-Pacific market.

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