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[The Magazine Face] The cover face of The Face in April, businessman Angella, Co-Founder of OnBUFF – A blockchain and IP platform (intellectual copyright) famous game in the region today, came to Vietnam Male and a lot of surprises for us. She looks like a movie star with a bright smile, unlike the image we can imagine a businesswoman behind big projects like OnBUFF. She is running an international project in a rather dry field, often very complicated and difficult for many people but Angella tries to make everything as simple as possible by understanding the needs of customers, partners and handling them easily.

Imagine that the new concept of IP also made her face many obstacles in reaching customers to include OnBUFF’s Blockchain IP game development project, because most people are still vague about this concept. It can be said that she is aiming to expand the market, develop business, create an IP ecosystem not only on OnBUFF games but also in parallel to explain, help and share knowledge about IP and IP Blockchain IP game development … Will she tell us why the blockchain is so attractive to her?

Angella, can you explain more about the competitive advantage of OnBUFF today?

The largest project of OnBUFF is the Blockchain IP commercial platform. As far as I know, this is the only vertical coin and is likely to bring the highest profit. But OnBUFF builds not only on profit, profit should be a necessity of the company, but also, this project activity is based on community benefits. Because IP is understood in a broad sense in all aspects of life, the subject of IP can be “Earth, People, and Animals” (Earth, Human, Animals – EHA) … And we have a lot of IPs. everything. I give an example: there are about 500 innovative IPs based on endangered animals. Those IPs are used for job specifics and can also develop into games. The biggest advantage is that they have partnered with companies and non-profit organizations that are zoo, educational institutions, and animal rescue centers … Moreover, those IPs are rated as the best IPs to accumulate. Blockchain. At this time, OnBUFF will link to them and own those IPs. Because OnBUFF has such IPs, OnBUFF can combine profits and public benefits to turn this project into a highly feasible project. This is our strength and difference.

That’s great when our creations have the opportunity to be protected and increase value, creating great community benefits. But to do that, surely you will encounter many obstacles because IP is still not properly understood its nature in many countries?

All projects have their own difficulties. I share about one of the difficulties that we often encounter is how to think about the humorous mistakes of people about our project. Many people don’t know much about IP and think IP is an IP address or they even pretend to know about IP. While the purpose of our project is to introduce an IP platform, it is difficult for people to know about IP, which makes it difficult for me to explain our project and IP.

Even when I talk about our project with investors, I know that they don’t know much about IP. I asked them in a funny way that do you think IP is like an IP address? And they also think about it like many others. I always have to overcome this kind of difficulty. Or when some people don’t know about IP, but pretending to know everything I say makes it impossible for me to control the outcome of the ongoing story. But okay, I need to explain a lot about IP and the benefits of cooperating with us to develop IP projects and games on OnBUFF’s Blockchain technology platform.

There are many things you are doing at the same time, how will you balance your life?

The important thing is that I like to work without thinking that it doesn’t work. I really like my job so I don’t feel tired even though the work will sometimes be under pressure. I always wanted to create a good image wherever I was. That is also part of my personality. Therefore, OnBUFF is a project that I have made extraordinary efforts to develop with all my love. I also received more rewards than not just work. For example, I came to Vietnam today and met such a good MC in Vietnam. I have met many new Vietnamese friends, which brings me joy and balance in life. I am a positive person so I often think positively at work and life, and I’m happy with everything I do and just enjoy it. I think that’s the only thing I always like.

Why is Blockchain? Please share about the interesting thing you are doing with OnBUFF?

The Blockchain field should be built on relationships. I am a lover of people, especially through the work of adding new friends and new partners. With OnBUFF this is an essential element because this is an IP trading platform. OnBUFF IP trading platform is in need of expanding partnerships in Blockchain projects right now, not only for games but also for good things. When there are many IPs, I think OnBUFF can improve and provide better services.

There is a saying that IP is a flower in the game. I kept looking for those flowers. OnBUFF has many partnerships with these good projects that have developed many Blockchain games, active users and what happens if OnBUFF can provide them with a good IP or if OnBUFF can do it something together. Vietnamese also like games, and many people play games. I am continuing to search for good IPs and I can provide good IPs for you. I want to tell you, if you need an IP or can provide an IP partnership, I would appreciate it if you could contact me.

Angella is giving a speech during the BIT event 5/5 in Vietnam, with the theme “Intellectual property in the blockchain Game”. See more about BIT 2019 here

Wesite OnBUFF: http://onbuff.com/

Telegram OnBUFF: https://t.me/joinchat/G2oEFRcyveTuYsZWnYyZJg

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