Thailand Biggest Blockchain Project IPUX, Meets With Cambodia Minister To Expand Its Core Business


Last week IPUX executive team paid a visit to its neighbouring country Cambodia to experience the business atmosphere specifically with related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. The team had the privilege to meet with the Minister attached to the Prime Minister of Cambodia; H.E. Dr. Son Koun Thor.

The Minister, Dr Son shared with the IPUX team on the current situation and progress on the development of blockchain in the country and the roadmap that the country will embark with regards to the adaptation of Blockchain to better improve the lives of its Cambodian citizens. The IPUX team also had a chance to share with the Minister the progress and development of IPUX thus far and how IPUX can introduce and adopt its 7-core businesses, to synnergized together with Cambodia development vision.

“In Cambodia, the regulation for cryptocurrency and blockchain is under consideration and review, which will soon be announced and enforced. So currently cannot say that issuing cryptocurrency in Cambodia is legal or not, but soon will obviously be legal with regulating conditions.” Said Mr Fon Narinrit, Co-Founder and CEO of IPUX

The minister showed current vision on promoting the micro-enterprise and rural development as key country development under his supervision. Therefore, if this technology can help support the vision and to overcome the challenge, it will be so certain that the government will leverage on it

IPUX team meeting with Minister Dr Son and Cambodian delegates

This collaboration with Cambodia is part of extending the reach of IPUX 7 core business which consist of:

  1. Smart Farming
  2. Eco-Tourism
  3. Wisdom Academy
  4. TradeWeThai
  5. Product Sourcing
  6. Micro Financing
  7. Wellness Real-estate

More information about IPUX , Thailand biggest blockchain project could be found on thier website: https://ipux.io


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