2019 has been a turbulent year for blockchain industry as it recovers from the bear market which saw many projects dwindled & wind-up. This month, to mark the end of the year, AsiaTokenFund.com highlights the Featured 10 Blockchain Companies as of November worth mentioning that have shows great progress or potential.

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Seele is powered by anti-asic MPoW algorithm and Seele Sharding Technology for high throughput concurrency with 2000 TPS in the Seele main-net currently as a starting point and highly scalable as demand increases. Seele is fully EVM smart contract compatible. Seele is the next generation public blockchain infrastructure project having been online since April 2019. Seele goal is to create a secure, high performance and scalable blockchain


TraDove is developing a light, fast and trustable B2B blockchain payment network for international transactions. The company finalized one of the top ICOs in 2018. It launched the world’s first B2B token, BBC, opening up corporate demand for cryptocurrencies for sales and marketing, a $76 billion market. TraDove’s B2B social network connects corporate buyers and sellers with faster discovery and better transparency. The company was founded by entrepreneurs from MIT, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba.


CNN (Content Neutrality Network) is an innovative content ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It breaks the barrier between content communities, revolutionizes revenue share, and decentralizes user acquisition and incentive program, creating a more open, efficient and trustworthy content era. Content Circulation Mechanism(CCM) promotes seamless circulation of content among communities.


Gameflip is an online marketplace backed by Silicon Valley venture capital. It allows gamers to transact any type of digital goods, and currently has 3 million members. After successfully hitting its token-sale hard cap, the FLP utility token can now be used to transact digital goods within the Gameflip marketplace. In the coming months, pilot program partners and publishers will begin integrating the Gameflip SDK, which will enable the transactions of approved in-game goods via the Blockchain.


Buddy is an app store for developers, by developers. Their vision is to become the backbone on which talented programmers can build world-altering blockchain technology and off-chain apps and services. Their goal is to take the load off millions of developers by removing everything that can be automated, and in the process giving them back the time to be creative. Buddy has a presence in the cloud marketplaces of Amazon, Google and Github, boasting an impressive list of customers and partners.


DREP is a decentralized reputation ecosystem based on blockchain technology which empowers various Internet platforms to quantify and monetize reputation value. DREP Foundation aims to provide a decentralised reputation protocol that empowers existing Internet platforms to unleash its reputation value and achieve the interconnectedness of reputation data in the Internet community.


PATRON is one of Japan’s leading blockchain companies. They are currently building a decentralized influencer-marketing platform to eliminate inefficiencies in branded content and social media. The company is fresh off a $40 million token-sale raise and is currently expanding operations to the United States. Started by influencer, Atsushi Hisatsumi, PATRON has gained international attention for its strategic partnerships and its strong advisory board of blockchain experts and industry leaders.


Menlo One is a framework for building decentralized applications with the speed of a traditional web app. Their proof-of-reputation algorithm is an innovation for DApps, as is the speedy, decentralized database and cross-chain nodes at the center of its tech. Led by TED fellow, Matthew Nolan, a successful entrepreneur and blockchain developer who worked on Ethereum voting mechanisms after the 2016 DAO hack, Menlo One has solid credentials.


Celsius is banking on the blockchain. Its borrowing and lending platform will allow users to earn up to 5% interest on their crypto while taking loans at 9% interest, using their crypto as collateral. Celsius Network’s goal is to bring the next 100 million people into crypto, ultimately becoming the first killer app in the space. Risky or not, this is one to keep an eye on. This FinTech startup is primed to disrupt traditional banking.

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