Warner Brothers hit TV series, The Bachelor has partnered with cryptocurrency Gifto on its Vietnamese launch to create a first-of-its-kind experience for reality TV fans. Reality TV today struggles to maintain a meaningful connection between fans and contestants after the show, beyond following contestants on Twitter. But The Bachelor Vietnam has demonstrated a successful new model whereby fans use virtual gifting to develop a lasting relationship with their favourite contestants.

Cryptocurrency Gifto Introduces World’s First Reality TV Virtual Gifting for Vietnamese Edition of Hit TV Series The Bachelor. (PRNewsfoto/Gifto by Uplive)

This new fan-and-contestant interaction is both personal and futuristic; each week, after the chosen contestant leaves the show, they live stream through the mobile app, Uplive, sharing with fans their experience of the show. Fans then use Gifto tokens to send custom virtual gifts, such as the famed Bachelor rose, to the contestants directly in the live stream. This enables each contestant to grow a loyal fan base through streaming after leaving the show and enhances the relationship with the fans, while also providing a way for reality TV stars to monetise their fan base through virtual gifts. The last episode saw the contestant, Phong Linh, received hundreds of virtual gifts denominated in the Gifto token, which is a tradable cryptocurrency on major global exchanges.

Nicholas Ray, Head of Gifto Beijing says: “Through our partnership with The Bachelor Vietnam, Gifto is at the forefront of demonstrating real value to audiences with blockchain technology. We’re going way beyond what reality TV shows today do with hashtags on social media, creating a new, far more engaged community around a show’s contestants. The Bachelor Vietnam is just the start of crypto-gifting in reality TV.”

Gifto is rolling out this virtual gifting technology across social media platforms where the show is aired, including YouTube and Facebook, enabling hundreds of thousands of live viewers across different platforms to send personalised virtual gifts to the contestants.

With both The Bachelor Vietnam viewers and the number of virtual gifts sent to its contestants increasing dramatically each week, it’s clear that blockchain-based virtual gifting can enhance reality TV audience engagement beyond traditional means.

Source: PRNewswire


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